10 Reasons to Plan a Last Minute Camping Trip Before End of Summer

Camping has been a big part of my summer holidays since I can remember!

There are photos of us camping at my favourite campsite as far back as when I was about 2-years-old. And ever since, I have made an effort to go camping as much as possible.

So when my friends decided against camping this year, and my husband didn’t seem to want to go either, I was absolutely heart broken! I mean, how can you even call it summer if you don’t go camping at least once?! And although it seemed everyone was against camping this year, I just couldn’t let go.

It finally dawned on me that I could ask my mom to come camping, and she could bring my niece. I had automatically assumed my mom wouldn’t want to go, since she’s never been that big on camping. But she said yes, and now I’m planning a last minute camping trip before the end of summer.

There are a few weeks left before it gets too cold to spend a week outdoors. So if you’re trying to decide whether or not to get out and hang in the woods for a couple nights, here are a few more items to add to your pros list.

10 Reasons to Plan a Last Minute Camping Trip Before End of Summer

Create Memories

Some of my fondest memories are from camping trips! When I was a kid we would always spend at least a week or two at my grandparents trailer near Niagara Falls. We would also spend two weeks up north camping in the middle of nowhere with my Grandma, on my mom’s side. And on top of that, my aunt and uncle had a trailer and my cousin’s often invited me to spend the weekend with them.

So, yes, I spent a lot of my summers camping. And those trips hold so many memories! Memories of growing up, making friends, spending time with family, going through hard times and having good times -mostly good times!

Escape the Hustle

I don’t know about you guys, but by the end of summer I’m totally overworked and exhausted!

And it’s not just from actually working, but from all of the other activities and events we attended over the last few months.

My weekends have been a blur of driving, visiting friends and family, spending too much money, and hanging out in big cities. A lot of the time I feel more tired on Sunday night than I do on Friday. I can’t tell you enough how much I need a few nights away from it all!

I just want to lay under the stars and float on the lake.

A lot of vacations can often feel like more work than your job, but camping gives me that relaxation I crave.

If you’re feeling totally exhausted by the end of summer, a last minute camping trip might be the answer.


I think a lot of us are a bit addicted to our technology. We’re constantly updating our Instagram stories, curating clever tweets and updating our online followers of our day-to-day activities. And that’s cool, but don’t you ever want to just unplug?

Camping forces you to turn off your phone, leave your laptop at home, and stay offline. There’s no WiFi signal, no electricity, and no way to update your blog. Sorry guys, but sometimes it’s necessary to unplug. And by the time you’re back home, you’ll have a lot to share πŸ™‚

Spend Time With People IRL

I love my online connections. The friends and acquaintances I’ve made online have been amazing!

But, digital hangouts aren’t the same as spending time with people in real life. Human connection is a need that we all share, and one that we must actively pursue, especially in this digital-age.

Camping forces us to talk to the people we’re with, while making eye contact! When you’re alone in the woods with a group of friends or family members, you’re going to talk to them. As you should! Ha! But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat in a room full of people who wouldn’t even look up from their phones while I was talking to them.

It’s kind of sad. But camping gives you that opportunity to spend time with the people you love in real life, and you won’t even have to pry their eyes off their phones to get their attention.

Inexpensive Vacation

Camping doesn’t really cost that much, which makes it even easier to plan a last minute trip.

If you’re like me and love camping, you probably already have all the gear you need. And if not, you can always ask a friend to borrow their tent and other necessary camping gear. That makes the biggest expense the food you pack, but I mean, you have to buy groceries anyway.

Most of the campsites I’ve been to cost around $40 a night for a campsite. Split between two or more people, that’s next to nothing! And some campsites don’t even cost a thing, if you’re interested in really roughing it.

Enjoy the Outdoors

I love being outside! And in a country like Canada, where we experience harsh, cold winters, the warm summer months seem to fly by in no time!

Even working from home, I spend most of my days locked up indoors, staring out my window wishing I could be outside. (But I can’t see my screen when I’m outside because my laptop is old and stupid.)

Camping gives us that time outdoors! We’re able to swim in lakes, hike in the forest, watch the sunrise, and then set. Camping connects us to nature in a way we can’t achieve in the city.

The Food!

Eating outdoors is the best! I love eating outside, and camping food is ever better! I don’t know why, but nothing tastes as good as a burger made over a campfire, or a a spider-weenie!

Whenever we go camping I always make sure to bring some of our favourite camping foods, like trail mix, homemade pasta salad, ingredients to make s’mores and fresh baked muffins.

Daily Exercise

Camping is a workout, but it’s so much fun you probably won’t even notice!

Between swimming, kayaking, fishing, hiking, chopping firewood, and just hanging around, you’re going to burn a ton of calories and really work your body! I mean, just to take a shower is a good 15 minute walk from our regular campsite.

Reboot Sleep Schedule

The summer holidays can leave many of our sleep schedules out of whack! Especially if you have kids who are off on summer break.

Camping always helps me reboot my sleep schedule. By the end of a long day outdoors, I’m too exhausted to stay up very late. And once the sun comes up, I find it impossible to sleep in. Which means I’m likely in bed by 10 p.m. and up around 7 a.m. Which is great when I return home and want to get back on a normal sleep schedule.

Have Fun

Camping is just loads of fun!

Whether you’re planning a family-friendly trip with the kids, or boozing it up with your friends, camping is a great time!

And, after all that, I’m even more excited to get out there and spend some quiet time outdoors with my family.

What are some reasons you like to go camping? Also, have you gone camping this year, or are you planning a last minute trip?
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