10 Years of Unconditional Love

It’s a few days after Halloween and I’m sitting at my dining table. Dishes are drying on the counter, laundry is tumbling away in the basement where my husband is listening to Judas Priest, and dinner is bubbling away on the stove. My now 10-year-old daughter is currently curled up on the couch with our dog, Penelope, watching some show on Netflix.

It’s Sunday evening and everyone is settled into their weekly routine of getting stuff done and relaxing.

It’s also November 5, which was Sidney’s due date 10 years ago. She decided to come five days early, though, because she somehow knew having a Halloween birthday was going to be hella cool.

My labour pains started around noon October 30th, and we went to the hospital just after dinner time. My mom, Nick and I spent hours in our hospital room, where Halloween 2 and Alien 3 played over and over again. It wasn’t until after 5 a.m. on Halloween that Sidney finally decided to get the heck out of there and into this awesome world.

I remember every little detail of that day so well and so fondly. There’s nothing quite as exciting as welcoming your baby into the world.

So, fair warning, if you haven’t realized by now, this is going to be one sappy post. A post to my beloved daughter who just turned 10 years old, and all that she has brought into my life.

Raising a 10 year old is nothing like raising a baby, or a toddler, or even a young child.

It’s that awkward middle stage between being a kid and wanting to grow up too fast. It’s balancing Barbie dolls and lip gloss. It’s wanting to take on more responsibilities, and also dreading it. It’s coming into your own person as everything in your life begins to change.

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And for the first time I feel like I’m experiencing it through somebody else, and trying to help her navigate through this strange time, hopefully without too many awkward moments or self-inflicted wounds. We’re always our own worst enemies. I wonder if I can teach her not to be? As if that was even possible.

Exactly 10 years ago I was settled at home with my newborn baby. We were probably curled up on the couch, watching a movie with my mom while Nick was at work. I can picture my 17-year-old self wearing sweatpants and a band t-shirt, breastfeeding my daughter, or even bathing her in her little tub on the kitchen table.

How can 10-year-old memories feel like they happened just yesterday?

I used to be one of those people who looked at old photos and wished to be able to go back in time, to hold on to that moment a little longer, but as I get older, at least for now, I find I can enjoy the present while being able to smile at my past.

Having a child makes every year feel so unique and special, because every year brings a new stage in life to witness and experience.

And I’ve loved every stage of being Sid’s mom!

From our late nights watching movies and napping on the couch, to playing at Totstime and exploring the world around us.

Watching your child experience everything for the first time – and then for the first time again because they don’t remember the actual first time – is like experiencing it for the time yourself.

All of a sudden snow becomes this beautiful mystery, you learn that “stopping to smell the flowers” is a saying for a reason, and the tooth fairy is actually real! Or at least, it very much feels like it.

And you eventually realize you can name over 50 dinosaurs and an encyclopedia of horse breeds, yet you can’t answer half the questions your kid asks (what did parents do before Google?).

Being a mom is awesome.

And being Sid’s mom is even more awesome.

Of course, I’m extremely biased, but my kid is pretty darn amazing.

I love looking back at the adventures we’ve ahead, but I’m so darn excited for our future adventures, too!

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  1. SO important that you enjoy each moment of your child’s life – and don’t rush things along!

  2. I love looking back and see how a little one has grown so much. kids change so fast and I am so glad you have such a beautiful daughter

  3. She’s lucky to have a mother as caring and supportive as you that will help her through all the stages of her life! Raising a kid is tough and so is growing up, she’s going to need you more than ever!
    Carol Cassara recently posted…OversharingMy Profile

  4. “Being a mom is awesome” I couldn’t agree more. There are rough days. There are days when I don’t want to be a mom. But at the end of the day, I wouldn’t trade my boys for anything in the world. It’s amazing the level of deep and unconditional love that you feel the moment your child is born. Mine are two and four and I remember both of their births like it was yesterday as well!

  5. I love how you mentioned that watching your kids experience something for the first time is like experiencing it for the time yourself. I totally agree! Their curiosity and excitement is contagious.

  6. Angela Cardamone @marathonsandmotivation.com Reply

    This is such a sweet tribute to your growing girl! My kids are close to that age too, so I really get it!

  7. You are one sweet mama! And she is one adorable kid!!! I am a parent to three children and each of them teach me important life lessons daily on how to be a better human being! I love them so much and unconditional love is such an important feeling to have for your children and yourself as you are learning to be the best kind of parent because I don’t know about you I make mistakes all of the time but underneath it all — I love them to pieces!

  8. We are 5… and I can say my mom had gone through those tough days. Am a mom too, of 2 lovely kids. There is no greater thing on this Earth being a mom.

  9. Enjoy every moment of your motherhood journey! These middle years will pass and high school will be overwhelming. And then they go to college….and then they move out. All you have on a daily basis is these precious memories. This is what lead me to be a blogger. Sharing these parenting moments and tips to young moms.
    Debby recently posted…6 Salty Secrets You Need to Known About Saline Nose SprayMy Profile

  10. What a beautiful and heartfelt post! Really enjoyed reading it. 10 years can certainly fly by so quickly!

  11. It does go by too quickly. Enjoy every second because soon she will be graduating from high school.

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