One of my blogging goals for this year was to show more support, encouragement and promotion towards other bloggers and small business owners. So far I’ve been way more active on Twitter, I started a Facebook group and I’ve been stopping by my favourite blogs more often to leave comments.

So I decided to share a few of my favourite blogs, which was actually surprise hard to do because there are so many amazing blogs out there!


Gala Darling

I’ve been reading Gala Darling’s blog for quite some time now and I absolutely love her work! She’s so positive, uplifting and inspiring that it’s contagious! I can’t wait to read her book (which I just pre-ordered yesterday!) and start her Radical Self Love Bible course. Her blog is perfect for anybody looking to fall in love with themselves and live their best life!

Sarah Starrs

I started following Sarah a couple years ago. She came off as so exciting, brave and adventurous – everything I’m not – and I was immediately smitten! And now, her Punk Rock Development podcast is my absolute favourite, a must-read for all bad-ass babes! This blog is awesome for ladies who wanna take over their lives and the world, with clear actionable steps to get you there!

Be a Warrior Queen

Raewyn is an awesome lady on a mission to make all women feel empowered and beautiful! Perfect for mommies who wanna kick some ass! Raewyn shares posts on parenting, body love and dream chasing, just to name a few.


Uncustomary Art

I found Mary’s blog through Sarah Starrs and I just love her energy! Uncustomary Art is a total colour explosion on your computer screen, bursting with self-love and creativity! If you want to live a more creative life aaaand be super happy doing it, this blog is for you!

Creative Dream Incubator

Andrea’s blog is really fun – full of colouring pages, journal prompts and advice on following your creative dreams! As much as I love the journal prompts, it’s her no bullshit posts on believing in yourself, putting your work out there and how to succeed.

Susannah Conway

Susannah’s blog was one of the first blog’s I stumbled across and I’ve been in love ever since! Although she doesn’t post as often as she used to, her posts are beautifully written and adorned with gorgeous photographs. Every year she hosts a couple of fun challenges, and she teaches a variety of creative ecourses centered around self development.


The Nectar Collective

If you’re looking for a blog about blogging and business, but want something light and easy to follow, this blog is for you! Melyssa has grown her blog so much since I first started reading it in 2013, and she shares all that’s she learned on her blog.

Nubby Twiglet

Shauna is the brain and talent behind this blog, sharing tidbits from her life along with amazing advice and tips for entrepreneurs! I looove her advice so much because it’s so honest and simple, yet has just the biggest impact on me! Also, her design skills are killer!

Braid Creative

For all the boss bitches, Braid Creative was created for you! I love their straight forward advice on everything from social media strategies, branding, goal setting and more.


Girl Lost in the City

Just so much fun to read! I love her “over-sharing” and “keeping it real” attitude on her blog, which is so refreshing these days, now that everyone is going professional!


I kind of stumbled on Katie’s blog last year and immediately fell in love. She is a really talented writer who shares a lot about her travels, creative process, opinions and thoughts on everything, and living an authentic life.


Mmmkay, I totally just found this blog like last month through #TheGirlGang and ermagad I love it! Her drunk posts are hilarious. I love the images and colours. And, THE GIRL GANG IS AWESOME.


Wanderful World

Every beginner freelance writer should go hang out on this blog for a little bit. Lizzie is just so nice, offers such amazing tips and advice on freelance writing, and so much inspiration!

Positive Writer

A super positive blog for writers, with posts on encouragement, inspiration and motivation.

Horkey Handbook

Gina’s ecourse, 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success, really kicked my ass into gear as a freelance writer. Through her own experience and freelance career, Gina has so much information to share and does a great job of creating a strong, supportive community of other writers.

What are some of your favourite blogs?




  1. I have only heard of a few of these but I will definitely give all of them my attention. I just love nectar collective and girl lost in the city.

    • Cole Nemeth Reply

      Me, too! They’re so different but awesome in their own ways.

    • Cole Nemeth Reply

      Thanks! Hope you find some new blogs to fall in love with πŸ˜‰

  2. I knew we would get along the moment I opened your blog! I’m glad you left a comment on styleBizarre so I could get to know you <3 I love the 90% of the blogs you mentioned in the list, and the remaining 10% I don't love because I've yet to check them. I'm positive I'll love them eheh! Thank you!

    • Cole Nemeth Reply

      This actually means a lot to me because I’ve been a fan of Style Bizarre for about a year now! I love everything you write about. It’s so hard to find an alternative blog that actually discusses true alternative fashion and lifestyle <3

  3. OH! Thank you so much for including me on this list!! Truth be told, I miss having you as a contributor! Feel free to come back anytime! πŸ™‚

    I can’t wait to check out these other blogs!

    • Cole Nemeth Reply

      Hey! No problem, your blog is so inspiring! I’d love to contribute again, I’m just terrible at sticking to a schedule to be honest lol. But I’d love to do some guest posts for you in the future!

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