List of things to blog about for any niche

I’m currently trying to plan out some blog content for 2017. Since I’m trying to stick to my niche a little bit more in the new year, I decided to come up with a list of general blog post ideas that can easily be used for any topic.

So, if you’re having trouble of thinking up things to blog about it, stress no more! Here are 33 things to blog about in the new year!

33 Things to Blog About in the New Year


Obvious answer, I know, but it’s a really good idea to blog about the holidays! And you can apply this to any niche. For example, if you’re a fashion blogger you can share holiday outfits. If you blog about freelance writing, suggest tips on how to work around the holidays. So when you’re looking at your 2017 blog content calendar, mark down the holidays you want to blog about and start brainstorming.


I love reading people’s monthly goals, and I love sharing them, too! Sharing your goals on your blog also works for any niche, as you can keep the goals you choose to share on your blog very focused on that. For example, if you write about fitness you can share your own fitness goals. I like to blog about art, business and self-improvement so each month I share my own creative goals, business goals and personal goals.


Hosting a giveaway on your blog is a fantastic way to not only reach new people, but also offer your readers the opportunity to get something great in return for hanging around! You can give away anything, but my favourite has always been cash giveaways.


A lot of bloggers start in the hopes of earning money from their blogs. One of the ways many bloggers do that is through sponsored posts, where a company offers them cash in exchange for mentioning their product or service in a blog post. I’d love to start doing more sponsored posts in the new year, as long as that product is something I truly believe in. Getting sponsored posts isn’t always something you can plan far in advance, but maybe now is a good time to start thinking of companies you would like to work with in the new year.


If you get a lot of the same questions from readers over and over again you should consider doing a Q&A post. Something like, “Top 10 most frequent questions about finding new clients answered!” Try to keep it on a specific topic that you know will be beneficial to your readers.


I did an interviews series on my blog this past year and it was a great way to meet new people and expose their awesome businesses to the world! The series is currently on hiatus but I’m considering bringing it back. You don’t have to do an entire series, but you can start by thinking of some people you admire and ask if they’d be interested in doing an interview for your blog.

Shopping Guides

You can share a shopping guide for anything from best cameras to cute fall outfits or even home decor. These style of posts are also a great way to earn some affiliate income, too.


If something big happens in the news in your niche, you should talk about it! Like, when Etsy decided to go public, or when Trump won the US election. These topics can’t always be planned ahead; you have to jump on them when they happen to stay current.


Loving a new item you bought? A book you read? A movie you saw? Write a review for your blog! I often share book reviews and really enjoy it. But your readers will also enjoy reading what you have to say, too, because it can help them when deciding whether or not something is worth it.


These are some my favourite blog posts to read and write, as I love learning how to improve myself, my business and my craft. These style of blog posts will do wonders for you, too, because they bring in a lot of blog traffic.

Home Tour

Give your readers a tour of your home. If not your entire home, then maybe your office or another room. I personally love reading blog posts that show off people’s work spaces.


Post a video on your blog! It can be a music video you love, a tutorial you made or even just a quick chatty catch-up for your readers. Adding video to your blog now and then gives your readers something different to enjoy and can really round out your content.


Podcasts seemed to really take off this past year! And honestly, I totally get it. I love listening to podcasts when I’m cleaning or even driving. If you’ve been thinking about doing a podcast yourself now is the time! You don’t have to do a big series or anything, it can totally be a one time thing. Or even better, reach out to other people who have their own podcast shows and see if they’re looking for people to talk to.


Create a list of your favourite things! I’ve shared lists of my favourite blogs at the moment,Β my favourite movies to inspire creativity and even my favourite Twitter chats!


A lot of bloggers will post roundups of different things. I always enjoy Shauna’s weekly posts that share a roundup of her favourite links from around the web. One roundup post I shared is Artists I’m Absolutely Loving on Instagram. So, you know, your roundup post can have a theme or it can just be a list of cool things you’ve discovered online.


If you enjoy music you can easily share a playlist online. I used Spotify to share my new wave playlist earlier this year, which happens to be my favourite playlist to put on when I’m working from home. Again, you can create a playlist for any reason and easily tie it in with your blog niche. Examples: music to cook to, workout songs, family Christmas tunes, etc.

Income Report

Income reports are fantastic when you have a profitable business, especially if it’s what you blog about. Gina Horkey shares monthly income reports for her freelance writing business that have always inspired me, and also contributed to my decision to purchase her ecourse.


Any time I’m stumped on how to do something I always Google it. It’s because of the awesome people who share tutorials on their blog that I can even get by in life, f’real!

Before and After

I love before and after posts! It can be a post for a DIY project, of someone who’s lost weight, makeup looks or even a kitchen remodel. Like, I live for these posts! So if you have an idea for a before and after blog post, do it! And then let me know, so I can admireΒ your awesomeness.

Diary Entry

Possibly my most favourite blog posts ever, and the whole reason I got into blogging in the first place! In fact, I so miss those personal lifestyle blogs that people used to have before everyone started making their blogs into businesses. But even if you did turn your blog into a powerful business tool, it’s nice to throw in those diary entry style posts now and then and just get real with your readers. Gemma’s blog, Dorkface, is irresistible to me for this reason!

Case Study

If you sell an ebook, ecourse or service that has benefited someone in some way, you should ask them if you can use them for a case study! A case study blog post is an excellent way to show off your service or product and bring in new clients/customers because it gives them a real life story.

Best Of

These posts are easy to create and are also a great way to get more traffic! You can share your best blog posts on a certain topic, or even for the week, month or year. Go beyond your own blog and share a best of post featuring other bloggers.


Create a reader survey and put it on your blog. Sarah Starrs did a reader survey to help her figure out more about her readers and what they wanted from her. Every blogger should post a survey now and then to help them grow their blog and their products.

Guest Post

Open your blog up to guest posts! It’s another great way to collaborate with like-minded people, but at the same time it can give you a little break from writing without missing a day, and help a fellow blogger get their name out there! When planning your content, remember to consider guest posting on other blogs, too. This is a great way for you to get your name out there, too.


People love visuals! So, instead of typing up lots of words, do a pictorial instead. Pictorials are a great way to show off a vacation you took, a new outfit or even a project you’ve been working on. Gala Darling and Heather from Hiya Tootsie both posted really beautiful picture-posts of how they felt about 2016. And Susannah Conway always does a lovely “a year in photos” post every year!


A “listicle” is really just a blog post that’s in a list format. These blog posts are super popular and found on sites likeΒ Buzzfeed. They’re just easier to read, and often a lot more fun. A listicle I recently wrote is 10 Reasons Every Artist Should Blog.

Behind the Scenes

ERMAGAD, I love these! Like, I am so nosy it’s unreal. Everyone should totally post a few behind the scenes post, whether they’re about the launch of a new product, their writing process or even how they stage their photos. These posts are so helpful in showing people how things happen, so please, always be honest! Don’t only show off the good stuff, y’know?


Give your readers something to do by offering them a contest they can participate in! Make sure to offer a prize to encourage participation. A Beautiful Mess often hosts contests on their blog which are fun to to do.


You should always blog about events that you attend when they directly relate to your blog topic. I love reading about the many workshops, seminars and parties people go to. And of course, if you yourself are hosting an event, even more reason to blog about it. In fact, if you’re hosting an event for your blog like a meetup, workshop or even a craft fair, drag that shit out and do a few posts about it: one to say “hey come on out!”, another to give tips on how to throw a successful event and then a recap on how it went.

A Day in the Life

Please post one of these on your blog in the new year! I’ve done posts like this in the past where I shared photos throughout an average day in my life to give readers a sense of my day-to-day life. And I love the A Day in the Life series on DesignSponge! So good!


People love quotes. I don’t know why, but they do! And hey, I do, too! On my blog you can find 10 John Waters Quotes to Rock Your Business and 10 Quotes on Drawing.


Just like hosting a contest, you can also do a challenge for your readers. The difference is, there is no winner. You can host a challenge about anything, really. For example, I did a creative challenge last year where each month I challenged my readers to do different things like create a zine, try a new recipe, draw a portrait, etc. It was fun! But another kind of challenge you can do is a blog challenge. Blog challenges are really fun, as they get you to blog more consistently and you get to meet other bloggers.


Finally, try to find something you can offer your readers for free! Elna from Twins Mommy hosted a really cool series this December called 12 Days of Holiday Freebies where she shared lists of free stuff to help mompreneurs. A lot of bloggers now offer freebies, so it’s something you should totally consider. I, too, offer free stuff to my newsletter subscribers such as zine PDFs, colouring pages and worksheets.

And, I just added a blank blog editorial calendar PDF to my library that you can download and print!

What are some blog post styles you like to use? Have you started planning your content for the new year? Any tips on how to do it?

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  1. Wow! This is a great list! I love the word “listicle.” It’s new for me! I also have had fun with “day in the life” posts and like the diary format idea too. Thanks!

  2. A good list of really practical blog ideas! I honestly do love the personal record types of blog posts the best, although it’s good to have a strong variety!

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