Sometimes I wish had more friends. Other times I feel like I don’t have enough time for the friends I have. All the time, I know how important friendships are and I do my best to nurture them because friends hold a special place in our hearts. Somehow we come across someone who we really connect with, and we laugh and share and cry and fight, and through all of that we still love them even when we don’t have to.

No matter who you are chances are you have different types of friends because having friends who are all alike would be boring! I know I do. I surround myself with a variety of people from different backgrounds, size, shape, religion, social status and ethnicity.

A lot of my friends can easily be considered a number of types, because although I see them as mostly one or the other, we’re people and we can’t really be categorized. Still, it’s fun to think about!

6 Different Types of Friends and Why They’re Important:

The Drama Queen

The drama queen is that friend who always has something going on, from bad breakups to crazy experiences. She’s been-there-done-that and survived to tell you her tales. She can be a great hoot to be around, and sometimes joining in on her adventures can be a lot of fun, but getting dragged into her drama can also be a bit too much (unless, of course, you like drama).

I love my drama queen friends because all of them have big personalities! They have strong values and opinions and aren’t afraid to speak their mind, which is usually what gets them into trouble. And I usually don’t mind a little bit of drama from time to time.

The Clown

The clown is that friend who has you pissing yourself laughing within minutes of being with them. You guys share a sense of humour and spend hours giggling over the dumbest things. Sometimes just making eye contact sends you both into fits of laughter!

This person might not enjoy having serious discussions, but that’s okay, because a good laugh is often the perfect remedy to a bad day.

The Confidant

The confidant is that one friend you can tell anything to and she won’t judge you, or share your secrets. You can trust her with your personal and private things, and often depend on her to lend an eager ear. This friend loves being there to listen to you and support you through any crisis.

In my own experience, it’s my confidant friends who quickly become my “best” friends because I love being able to completely trust someone.

The Opposite

We all have friends who are the complete opposite of us, and we love it! We find their different personality and interests to be super interesting and mystifying!

The opposite friend usually force us out of comfort zones, introduce us to new things and give us new experiences, and for that we love them!

The Doppelganger

Most people also have a friend that can almost be seen as their doppelganger! You guys have so much in common, from the way you dress and style your hair to the music and activities you enjoy. This friend is perfect for swapping clothes, going to see movies with and discussing hobbies.

This is the friend you can relate the most to, and it feels awesome to have someone around who really “gets” you.

The Mentor

The mentor is that friend who really helps you in life, whether with school, work or your personal life. They have wisdom and experience to share and they love sharing it with you!

This friend enjoys helping you out, but don’t forget to show your appreciation!

The Adventurer

This person loves going on adventures both near and far, and they love bringing you with them! They make everything fun from grocery shopping, to going to the beach. The adventurer is also extremely open-minded and loves trying new things. Like the opposite, they often force you out of your comfort zone and you couldn’t be more thankful!

What types of friends do you have?




    • Cole Nemeth Reply

      Thanks! Ha ha, the drama queen is lots of fun, so that can be a good thing!

    • Cole Nemeth Reply

      That’s awesome! I’m glad I described each friend well!

  1. I’ve had all six types of friends at some point in my life. The best ones are the friends that you can connect with, after great spans of time, like you were never apart.

  2. This is super cool! I’ve had my experience with just about all of these types. I love the diversity that friendship invites and encourages in our lives!

    • Cole Nemeth Reply

      Definitely! Having a variety of people in your life so important!

  3. This is so awesome and creative. I love that you broke down different personalities of friends because we all have one of these interesting personalities in our life! They force you out of your comfort zone, appreciate, and relate to you. All great people that you need in your life. Awesome job <3

  4. I love this. So true and fun to see categorized like this. Also agree that some people overlap in the types which I think makes them more tolerable haha. I used to have only doppelgänger (thank you autocorrect for that spelling) friends but now have more variety. It’s honestly more fun and rewarding!

    • Cole Nemeth Reply

      It really is a lot more fun and rewarding to have different personalities in your group of friends. I have yet to meet my doppelganger, but I’m sure she exists!

  5. I feel like i got very lucky and my closest friend can have all those personalities. I find its great to have a small close group of friends who can encompass all your needs. Great post!

    • Cole Nemeth Reply

      That’s so awesome! Friends are so important. Thanks 🙂

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