9 Reasons to Shop Thrift

I’m a bit obsessed with thrift shopping. Like, 90 per cent of my belongings come from thrift stores. The other 10 per cent is made up of gifts, curbside treasures, hand-me-downs, and the odd new thing.

There’s a reason for that though! And I’m going to tell you, right now.

9 Reasons to Shop Thrift

9 Reasons to Shop Thrift

Save Money

I shared my first fashion post the other day! Insanity!

The entire outfit (minus my tights) were purchased at thrift stores for a total of $43.97! That’s a pretty good price for an entire outfit, when you can’t even buy a shirt for that amount of most stores.

The truth is, most items at thrift stores are going to cost you a fraction of the price compared to brand new. And really, the items are almost always in excellent condition (just be sure to check over your items before you buy them).

Environmentally Friendlier

Unfortunately a lot of people buy things just to throw them in the trash when they’re done with them. You see this every week on garbage night, hoards of boxes and old furniture lined up the street on the curb. All of this makes it’s way into our landfills!

Which is why it’s better to drop off old items at thrift stores instead. And why you should purchase items at thrift stores, too, to keep these amazing organizations open and running.

On top of that, big corporations are polluting our planet with pollution from production and transportation. Items at thrift stores have already been made, and used, and dropped off locally by the previous owner. No more production, or transportation required.

Unique Items

When you go into a thrift store you’re likely to find items from hundreds of different brands, various decades, and in an array of styles. You’re not limited to just one look, and nearly all items are unique!

If you’re really into unique pieces of clothing, or even furniture, you’ll have a lot more fun shopping for items at thrift stores than brand new.

Try New Styles

I’m still trying to find my own personal style. I have no idea what that looks like, since I’ve spent most of my life dressed as a frumpy teenage boy (not intentionally, I’m just lazy).

I always think of that scene in Clueless when Cher is describing high school boys. She is literally describing me.

But the nice thing about shopping for items at the thrift store is that you have the opportunity to experiment with new styles! There are endless different designs available, and at an affordable price. So you can buy it, try it out for a bit, and if you love it adopt it into your wardrobe, and if you hate it, drop it off at the nearest thrift store for someone else.

Good Quality

Another great thing about shopping at thrift stores is that quality items are now affordable! For example, my entire house has been furnished with used items. My couch cost us $25, my dining table set was free from the curb (okay, so I also grab free shit sometimes). my chairs were $30 for the set. my coffee table was $15, and my bookshelf/TV stand was $10. All of these are mid-century pieces that would cost hundreds of dollars.

I also buy better quality brands of clothing. If I were to buy new I probably couldn’t even afford Walmart. I can’t justify spending more than $10 on a pair of jeans, or $5 for a t-shirt.

9 Reasons to Shop Thrift

DIY Heaven

If you enjoy DIY projects, skip the expensive craft and fabric stores and hit up a thrift shop instead!

I buy almost all of my craft supplies from thrift stores, including an amazing orange fabric for just $2 for the entire roll! I’m planning on making new chair cusions with it.

I also love making random things, inspired by Etsy sellers like Embroidery Project, Riot Creeps and Frilly Pops.

I’ve purchased embroidery hoops, cross stitch supplies, yard, buttons, fabric, hemp rope, beads, pompoms, stuffing and more!

Support the Community

A lot of thrift stores are connected to community programs. They usually donate a portion of their profits to various nonprofits and charities, which makes me feel even better about my choice to shop thrift.

Yes, a lot of new stores do things like this, too, and that’s awesome! I’m just saying, on top of all the other benefits of shopping thrift, this one is pretty cool, too.

For example, the Value Village closest to my house donates to the Diabetes Canada. My Grandma is Native Canadian, who are unfortunately twice as likely to develop type 2 diabetes. A lot of my family on my mother’s side has diabetes, and I’m at a higher risk, too. So I feel good knowing this store donates to a cause I’m personally affected by.

Screw Big Corporations

I mean, there are some really great organizations out there! And then there are some that are not so great. If you want to stick it to the man, shop thrift.

Although, some could argue stores like Value Village are big organizations, too. And it is. Value Village is owned by Savers, which is owned by TPG Capital. It’s a multilayered corporation that makes a lot of money.

But there are a lot of great smaller thrift stores around, if you really don’t like the idea of shopping at a big corporation. For example, there is a thrift store downtown called The Recovery Room Shop which is owned and operated by the Cambridge Memorial Hospital Volunteer Association and all of the proceeds go directly to the hospital for much needed medical equipment.

Another small thrift store in my area called Uptown Thrift is operated by Argus Residence for Young People, and donates it’s proceeds to providing food, shelter and support services to homeless youth in the area. They also have wicked good prices! For example, right now you can buy three pairs of jeans for $4 – total! No tax!

The Thrill!

I’m kind of addicted to thrift shopping. Like, I crave that thrill of finding something really good! Which is why Nick and I opened an Etsy shop to re-sell some of our wicked vintage finds.

A lot of people enjoy the thrill of the hunt! It’s exciting when you find something you’ve been wanting, like my faux leather jacket. It’s gotten to the point where I keep a list of items in my head and even though I really want them, I refuse to go and buy it new. I want that excitement from finding it super cheap at a thrift store!

I’m currently on the hunt for a new couch, a Levi’s denim jacket, three-eyelet Doc Marten shoes, and end tables for my living room.

Well now that you know my reasons for shopping (almost) strictly thrift, what are some reasons you would? Lips Logo for Blog



  1. I love shopping thrift stores, antique malls and flea markets for home decor specifically! I always find the most unique incredible pieces!

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