Winner Winner! Tofu Dinner! AKA Nick Won First Place at The Northern Beard Company Movember Competition

Nick Won First Place at The Northern Beard Company Movember Competition

Excuse my long title.

I’m popping in today between homework, class and my daughter’s doctor appointment to tell you about our eventful Saturday!

Nick enters beard competitions sometimes. Actually, this was is fourth one. He won second place in the long beard category at the Beards of Steel competition last November. Then he didn’t place at all at Nuckfest in March. In July he didn’t even get to compete because of a mix-up at Shag at the Dag. AND THIS TIME HE WON FIRST!

A few years ago I never thought attending beard competitions would be part of my life. It just never crossed my mind. But for some reason, Nick decided to grow a beard and just like he does with everything, he became kind of obsessed. Now we go to these things whenever we can.

The Northern Beard Company held the Movember Beard and Moustache Competition on Sat., Nov. 25 at The Refinery in Etobicoke, Ont. to raise money for Movember. They had raffle prizes, a 50/50 draw and birthday cake! It was a really fun night and a bunch of our friends came to cheer Nick on.

Nick Won First Place at The Northern Beard Company Movember Competition

Nick always said if he didn’t place first in the long beard competition he was going to enter the styled category.

Back in the day Nick was known for his spiky hair, and when we started hanging out I helped him do giant liberty spikes. I know how to make hair stand straight up like a mofo. That’s about all I know when it comes to styling hair. So when Nick said he wanted to do liberty spikes in his beard, I was down to give it a go.

It only took about half an hour to do, surprisingly, and it managed to hold all night!

Our secret weapon when it comes to punked out hairdos is got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray*.

The beard community is such an awesome group. Everyone is so kind and welcoming, and it’s fun to get to see everyone throughout the year even though we live hours away from each other.

Nick Won First Place at The Northern Beard Company Movember Competition

So, there’s a really great video that KS-Media put together from the competition, and hilariously enough Nick kind of takes over! Baha, you can see him in the opening scene and all throughout the second half. Check it out if you’re curious!

Have you ever attended a beard competition? What was your experience like? And if not, you totally should even if it’s just to hang out!

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