Celebrating Penelope's 2nd Birthday

Our little chihuahua Penelope turned 2 last Tuesday!

Sidney likes to celebrate Penelope’s birthdays, so of course we did!

Actually, Sidney had been planning Penelope’s birthday for months. Like, literally, months! She wanted to do something super special since I had to work last time and she felt like Penelope didn’t get a super exciting first birthday.

She actually wrote out a list of all the things she wanted to do which include:

  • bake puppy cupcakes
  • get a Pawdicure
  • buy new toys
  • buy a new dress
  • go for a long walk
  • visit her best friend, Sophie

So we did all of that!

Celebrating Penelope's 2nd Birthday

When Penelope and Sidney first got up on Penelope’s birthday on July 17 Sidney treated her to a Molly’s Barkery Happy Birthday Cookie. It was too big for Penelope’s mouth so we ended up having to chop it up. Which worked out, because we shared it with her bestie, Sophie.

Sidney then baked Penelope peanut butter banana cupcakes. I really wanted to get a couple of cute photos with a lit candle, which might seem dangerous, but we were very careful. Penelope had no idea what was going on, so it was basically just for our enjoyment. Evil pup-mama here.

Celebrating Penelope's 2nd Birthday

She was so confused! She had no idea why were putting her on the chair at the table, where she’s not usually allowed. Baha!

And after a busy day at the pet store where she got her nails done, bought a pretty dress and a few new toys, we took her on an hour long walk. There’s a beautiful trail near our house that follows the Grand River. We got there when we want to do a longer walk than just around the block.

Celebrating Penelope's 2nd Birthday

And at the end of the day my two little weirdos and I snuggled on the couch and watched a movie.

Do you celebrate your dog’s birthdays?
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    • cole.n@hotmail.ca Reply

      Wooo! That’s so neat! Happy belated birthday! And I will forever remember your birthday now!

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