Life is busy. It really is. I know this is true for me, and I’m betting it is for you, too! Because I see so many of you kick-ass ladies out there busting your butts all the time online!

We’re juggling so much in life: family, work, passion projects, friends, self-development, health and more. Am-I-riiiight?!

I know I’ve been playing this delicate juggling game for so long, and for so long I kept failing. No matter how hard I tried, how organized I thought I was, everything would fall apart. And it was never just one part of my life, but everything! All of it would come crashing down around me at once, and still, I’d get up and start juggling again without ever questioning it.

Last year I was working part-time at a job that caused me a lot of anxiety. I was taking on every and any freelance gig I could get, regardless of what it paid or if I even enjoyed it. I was even forcing myself to blog five times a week, even if my content seemed lackluster and lame. And I did all of this because I thought I had to, even though it was far too much. As soon as winter break came around I was beyond burnt out, I was friggin’ exhausted!

My mental health and physical health were completely shot and after months, er, years, of pushing myself I was finally forced to take a break. And it was during that time of peace and quiet I finally asked myself, why? Why was I doing so much work that I didn’t want to and didn’t even need to do?

Define Why for Ultimate Success

Like a lot of people, the reason I kept pushing myself was because I thought it would somehow launch me forward in life; I have big goals, and I’m anxious to achieve them. When I finally slowed down enough to ask myself all those why questions, though, I realized that I didn’t have good enough answers. My heart wasn’t in the majority of it and it was really just a waste of my time and energy. For example, blogging crappy content five times a week wasn’t going to increase my pageviews or help me continue to build relationships online.

When I sat down to start planning my goals for the year it was clear that a lot of the things I was doing had no connection to what I was trying to achieve. I clearly needed to take some time to think about what I wanted, and why I wanted it.

It’s helps to understand why you’re doing something to see whether or not it’s even worth doing.

So, looking at all of the tasks and responsibilities I had taken on, I realized I had to make some big changes.

Define Why for Ultimate Success

Define Your Why for Ultimate Success

So ask yourself: why?

All of this to say, it’s important to ask yourself why you do the things you do. Do they bring you joy? Are they helping to shape your future or achieve your goals? Is there a better way to spend your time and still accomplish those things? Because if they aren’t, maybe it’s time to do things differently.

I encourage you to sit down for an hour or so and really consider what it is you want in life and why. Then take a look at all of the things you are currently doing and again ask yourself why. If those things don’t line up, it might be time to reevaluate your day-to-day activities. Knowing the answers to these questions can help you achieve ultimate success while maintaining your sanity and overall happiness. True story.

What’s your why? Why do you do the things you do? And do you think there’s a better way?

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P.S. Sidney took these photos of me (other than my awkward selfie!) and I’m pretty dang proud of her! Even if I’m self-conscious of my awkward posed smile ha ha!



  1. I think everyone needs to take time and make sure that their goals are aligned with their lifestyle. I am in the process of doing this again. I think everyone is always changing and growing.

    • Reply

      Totally! Sometimes we need to remind ourselves to do that, especially when life gets busy 🙂

  2. This is such a great exercise for aligning your values but also for prioritizing self-care. Thanks for sharing! P.S. I love your hair color. <3

  3. I have big goals for myself too. I want to achieve them, but mainly because I want a better life and I want to live a purpose that I feel I have.

    • Reply

      I totally get that! I’m constantly striving for a better life.

  4. I’ve done the same thing, just going going going without stopping to ask myself why. And just like you, I realized that quantity didn’t matter much if quality was lacking. I’m still trying to get into a more consistent schedule of posting but my days of posting are long gone.

    (I love your hair!)

    • Reply

      I honestly feel like for a lot of bloggers the days of posting every day are long gone. Blogging has changed a lot in the last few years! Many people who blog now realize the importance of quality over quantity 🙂 And thank you!

  5. Such a great post! Definitely feel like people should stand back, look at what they’ve been doing, and ask themselves why every one in a while. 🙂

    • Reply

      Yesss! Sometimes we get caught in this go-go-go mentality and forget to slow down and take a look at everything that we’re doing. It really helps to do that now and then.

  6. Goldfish Jones Reply

    Great read! We’ve had our priorities lined up from the start, get to the top of the iTunes comedy chart, we did it once, hopefully we can again some day! Sure it makes no money and we’re broke but who cares about materialism?! Am I right?

    • Reply

      LOL! I’m sure you can do it! Passion trumps money my opinion 😉

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