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This post is for all the boss babes who don’t want to share their personal lives on social media. Because I get it. There are things that go on in your life that just don’t need to be aired. Or maybe you want to protect your kids and other loved ones from being in the spotlight when they just don’t want to be.

Personally I’m pretty open about my life. My friends and family are also used to being featured on my Instagram and even in my blog posts from time to time. I know how important it is to respect their privacy, too, though.

Whatever your reasons are, you don’t have to share your personal life on social media in order to build a following or a connection with your followers. In fact, there are some things you should never share on social media.

What not to share on social media:

Geolocation and Check-ins

Don’t let people know where you are at all times. I mean, why give a creepy stalker the perfect opportunity to creep on you? Or let them know where you live?!

Complaints and Rants

Especially about work and school, but just in general. It will only get you in trouble, or at the very least make you look like a real whiner.


Doing something illegal? Keep it offline.

Super Personal Details About ANY Relationship

Keep the details of your romantic relationships personal. Also, don’t go spilling secrets your BFFs think you understood were private.

I feel like all of those things should be common knowledge, but you never know.

What to share on social media that's not too personal.

What to share on social media that’s not too personal:

So what should you post online then? I mean, if you don’t want to parade your kids around online or share too much of your personal life, how do you stay active on social media and connect with your followers?

This will obviously depend on what you use social media for but since you’re here I’m going to assume it’s for your online business or blog.

Blog Posts

If you’re a blogger you should be promoting your blog posts on social media! You can snap a pic of your blog post images to share on Instagram, tweet useful tips from your posts on Twitter and let people know when a new post goes live on Facebook.


Second most obvious answer, but don’t just share the new products you create; make sure to bring older items up now and then, too.

Why not ask customers to snap pics of your products being used by them? Better yet, create a hashtag customers can use! Then show how your item looks on a person’s body or setup in a home, rather than just a plain background behind it.

When you do share products on social media make sure to include a story instead of just saying, “Hey! New item in my shop! Check it out!”


If you’re a maker of any kind, you can always share updates on your work in progress. I see a lot of artists do this on Instagram. They’ll show the beginning sketch, then it half done and then it completed. It helps create a full story behind your piece and gives people a sneak peak into your creative process.

Behind the Scenes

Show your followers a few pictures of your office or art studio! You don’t have to give them an entire tour of your house, but a few behind the scenes shots will help them get to know you a bit better.

Creative Process

This kind of goes with the whole work in progress thing, but rather than sharing pictures of your projects you can share a bit about the process behind it. For example, share pictures of blog post mind maps, or a video that explains how you came up with the idea for a new project.


Without getting too personal you can always offer little tidbits of business advice, or tips and tricks of the trade 😉

Product Reviews

Instead of writing an entire blog post or creating a YouTube video you can always leave quick little reviews on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Keep your reviews on niche though. Like, maybe you bought a new printer and love it, you can tell your followers about it.

Case Studies and Reviews

Did a client or customer have something really nice to say about your work? Ask them if you can share it! Case studies work great in blog posts and newsletters, but they are also great for sharing on social media.


People love quotes! You can totally select a few quotes from people who inspire or motivate you and share it online.


And of course, memes! Who doesn’t love a good meme?!


If you get a lot of the same questions over and over again but don’t have enough to fill an entire blog post, you can always answer them in an Instagram story, on Facebook, or if it’s short enough send out a quick tweet! You should still reply to your emails, but answering it on social media can let all those people who are too shy or intimidated to ask know the answer, too.

Do you like to keep your personal life off of social media? Or do you include it in your brand? What are some things you like to share on social media?

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  1. I don’t understand people sharing geo-tags or checking in. I’ll check in after I’ve left. But I don’t want people to know where I am when I’m there. That’s scary. I’ve done the rant thing and I will probably continue to do so. It’s always vague enough that noone but those involved would know and there’s never names or specific details. In fact I once had a boss call me in because of a blog post but when I pointed out that she couldn’t prove that it was about work she had nothing. And I’ll keep it that way!

    • cole.n@hotmail.ca Reply

      I agree completely! It freaks me out when people check in. I guess it’s okay if your account is private and you only have friends on there, but still. Freaky stuff! And I agree about the work thing. I’ve ranted sometimes, too, but always keep things vague. That’s kinda funny being called into the office. When I worked at a grocery store I actually had to sign paperwork saying I would never post anything negative online about them haha.

  2. This is a great reminder! I often forget that there is a fine line to follow when it comes to social media and oversharing.

    • cole.n@hotmail.ca Reply

      There really is! Some people can overshare and it works for what they do, so I guess it depends on a lot of things. But people should be aware of the consequences, for sure.

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