Kazoo Fest 2017

Last weekendย my cousin and I went to the Kazoo Print Expo in Guelph, Ont., and lemme tell you, we had fun!

I’ve been creating zines for a couple years now but I had yet to attend a zine festival. While the Kazoo Print Expo is for all kinds of printmaking artists, there were a lot of zines for sale there, too. Before I left my house I grabbed $30 from my coin-bank, but shortly after arriving I knew I had to go to the bank to get out more cash! There were that many amazing things available for purchase, and since I love supporting local artists I knew it was worth it.

Art Lives Graffiti

Katie and I parked up the street from the church where it was and walked over. Not even five minutes later, we quickly walked downtown to hit up the nearest bank. I don’t make it down to Guelph very often, but since I worked there downtown last summer it was easy enough to navigate the little side streets that led us to the downtown core. If we had more time it would have been the perfect day to grab a bite to eat and sit out on a patio. Patio weather is the best!

Kazoo Print Expo 2017

My cousin took this picture of me. The creepy face was intentional, but as a joke thinking I wouldn’t share it, yet here we are.

The whole event kind of went by in a blur of looking at art and exchanging cash for items. My social anxiety kicked in a few times when the crowd got bigger, but my excitement did a good job at squelching it.

As soon as we walked in the door (the first time) we learned about a local radio station – CFRU 93.3FM – that’s fully volunteered based. I made sure to grab their info and let Nick know about it. We’ve joked before about how awesome it would be to have our own radio show, and this place lets you do that! Although, I’m sure playing the kind of music we would want to play would be difficult to do. I don’t know the rules of radio exactly, but I do know you need to get permission to play songs and all that.

Next to her was Ellie Anglin‘s booth. I met Ellie last year when I interviewed her for a school project. I made sure to pick up her latest zine, which is about RuPaul’s Drag Race! How awesome is that?! I can’t wait to read it! Ellie also manages the local zine library in Kitchener, Ont., which I will be contributing to.

To be honest, we went through the event so fast I forgot to double check who sold me what. So, in order to not say the wrong person, I won’t try to guess who the artist was. Instead, I’ll just show you a few pics of some of my new stuff. And for a list of all of the vendors, check out this page.

Kazoo Print Expo 2017

Kazoo Print Expo 2017

Kazoo Print Expo 2017

There were a lot of things going on that week for Kazoo Fest; the Print Expo was just one small part of it. Next year I’ll have to make more time to explore some of the other events! And of course, now that it’s getting close to spring and summer, there will be a lot more festivals to explore!

Have you been to any fun events recently? Are there any events you’re looking forward to this year?

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  1. this sound like so much fun! and it would be so cool if you two had your own local radio show ๐Ÿ™‚ also you totally rocked those bold colours with your outfit!

    • cole.n@hotmail.ca Reply

      It was a lot of fun! I love exploring local festivals and expos! Having a radio show would be the best ๐Ÿ™‚

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