It’s already a week into the month, so these goals are comin’ in a bit late! But to be fair, I needed a break after completing that school term! It still hasn’t sunk in that I’m done the school year and it’s officially Spring!

I like to set goals each month and share them on my blog, although I kind of skipped April, since that was the most hectic month at school. You can read my goals for March here.

May Goals


Workout 3X a Week

This first week of May I managed to hit up the gym three times already to do 30 minutes of cardio, which has been great! I’m concerned I won’t be able to get to the gym much once I start my summer co-op on Monday since I hate going to the gym evenings and weekends. BUT, I put together a little home gym upstairs.

30 Days of Yoga Challenge

Today I started the 30 Days of Yoga Challenge on the YouTube channel, Yoga With Adriene. I love how easygoing and fun her yoga teaching style is. I plan to stick with it each day!

Nightly Walks

And of course, now that it’s been nicer out Sidney and I have been taking Penelope for a lot more walks. I pan to keep up with our evening walks after dinner, since it’s so nice to spend time together outside.

Miracle Morning

I started reading Miracle Morning a few days ago and I love it! So far I’ve gotten up early only once. Waking up early has always been a huge struggle for me but I had such a good day the day I managed to do it. I really recommend checking out The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM)*. I’m going to try and wake up earlier each day until I can easily and happily wake up at 6 a.m.

Less TV

Netflix is ruining my life. More like, I have no self control and can’t help but binge watch the shit out of a show when I’m into it. It’s becoming a real problem! This month I’m limiting myself to one hour a day of TV and one movie a week.

Fix Up the Backyard

When we moved into our townhouse last summer our backyard was a mess! Like, literally garbage everywhere and the weeds were up to our hips! But it was late in the season and we didn’t want to bother with it. Last month Nick and I finally cleared out all of the garbage, filled six lawn bags and can now make this teeny outdoor space comfortable and relaxing! It’s the tiniest backyard ever, but it’s our little natural sanctuary and I want it to look and feel good.

This weekend I want to start trying to grow grass, and on Victoria Day weekend I plan to add some gardens and outdoor lights. We already have a patio table, a bistro table and barbecue outback, so now it’s just making it all pretty. I think I might even post about our transformation!


Create More

All of my creative and brain energy went into school; I lived and breathed school! And it paid off, but I really miss doing more creative work and working on this little business I’m trying to launch. So this month I want to spend more of my free time creating art and blog posts. I want to take more pictures. I want to learn how to use Adobe better. I want to finally learn how to use my Silhouette Curio that Nick bought me for Christmas!

You know, I have like three different new art series I want to create, a couple zines that need finishing so I can post them and a bunch of art supplies waiting for me to use them!

Finish Website

I’ll finally be launching my new business website June 1!!! I have the most detailed project management plan in place and everything is coming together on time! I must stick to my deadlines and get this thing up and running!

Social Media Stats

My goal is to reach 10K followers on at least one social media account by the end of the year. For March I wanted to gain at least 100 new followers on each.

Here are my stats from January 1 until now:

  • Facebook – went from 1697 in January to 1724 in March to 1697...
  • Instagram – from 1096 in January to 1212 in March to 1256
  • Twitter – from 2345 in January to 2370 in March to 2479
  • Pinterest – from 2276 in January to 2345 in March to 2453

And so other than my Facebook likes dropping, I’ve been doing alright, considering I haven’t been very active.

Rock My Co-op

I start my summer co-op on Monday and I can’t wait! I get to do graphics and social media for an amazing not-for-profit, and from home! It’s a dream job, and it’s mine for the next four months!

Basically, I have a busy month ahead of me and I LOVE IT!

Did you set any goals for May? What are they?! And how do you plan to achieve them?

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  1. Wow, yours is the second blog with a yoga/exercise challenge and I started one of my own today, but only 5 days, so I may have to up the ante to 30 days to fall in line with everyone else.

    • Reply

      Lol! I believe it! Yoga is awesome, but I often fail at doing it every day! Maybe I should switch to a five day challenge next time!

  2. I also do Yoga with Adrienne 🙂 Love her! Also I’m looking forward to your new website. Have fun creating!

    • Reply

      That’s awesome! I love her, too! Her moves are simple enough for me to do lol!

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