Our first month back to school has actually been really good. Despite my anxiety and sadness about summer ending, my excitement for fall grows each day that the weather gets cooler. I can’t wait to pick apples and visit the pumpkin patch!

September Goal Recap

Goals and Update October 2017


We moved last month and while it all felt very chaotic and overwhelming at the time, we’ve settled in nicely. I feel so much better living in this new house compared to our last one, even though I don’t have a home office any more.

Our furniture is all in place, and everything is extremely organized. I took my time moving each item, so that everything had a spot as soon as it entered our home.

The living room window is huge and lets in so much sunshine. During the record-breaking hot days in September we even had to keep the curtains closed to keep the heat out, but as winter approaches we’ll be happy to let every ray of sunshine in and soak it up as much as possible! And I’ve even added some new houseplants now that we have so much more light.

We’re happy here. All of us.

No More Alcohol

I did really well in school last year, and I know it was largely because I decided to not drink at all. And so I thought I shouldn’t drink at all this term either, to see if I could get just as good grades as before. But the truth is, last term I was wicked depressed, and alcohol just made it worse. I couldn’t control my consumption and it got out of hand. This term feels better though, and as of right now I don’t feel the need to cut it out completely, just as long as I can keep cutting back.

Excel At School

Well, so far so good. I’ve been keeping up with every assignment and attending (almost) every class. It’s still early in the term and it’s going to be so much harder in the upcoming weeks, but I feel good about it. Now that it’s October I’m finally in the mood for school!

Cut Out Pork

I shared a crazy idea to transition to a vegan lifestyle, allowing myself an entire year to do so. The first two months would be dedicated to just cutting out pork.

During the first week I ate a cheeseburger without even thinking about it. By the end of September I cut out all meat. It just kind of happened. We went to a concert one weekend and treated ourselves to vegan pizza from Apiecolypse in Toronto, which was really good but too spicey. And then my friend and I went to My Thai and pigged out on their vegan menu, followed by a vegetarian brunch, and it just kept going.


I wanted to have fun with my blog, and I have been! I’ve been sharing reviews on books, restaurants, products and services. I’ve been oversharing about my goals and my anxiety. I even shared my first outfit post!

I think the world takes blogging so seriously these days, and that totally sucked all the fun out for me. Now I find myself writing 2-3 blog posts at a time, overflowing with ideas and inspiration and enjoying each moment of it!

October Goals

Goals and Update October 2017

Keep Up With School

October is here and so are the first round of tests and major assignments! I’m kind of freaking out about it but I know I’ll get it done. I even had some pretty annoying stress dreams about school. In one, I went to class on the last day to find out I hadn’t done a single thing and had to repeat the term next year.

Staying on top of school work will mean I need to do readings each night, take better notes and review them each day, and start projects well in advance. I can do it. I think.

Keep Eating Vegetarian

I’m enjoying an ovo-lacto vegetarian diet. I was tempted by chicken nuggets the other day, but then went out and bought vegan “chicken” nuggets and that craving went away. I’m trying a lot of different fake “meats” for now, seeing what I like and what I don’t, and experimenting with different brands and flavours. It’s a lot of fun!

This year will be my first vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner. Nick always gets a Tofurkey, but this will be the first holiday in years that we don’t cook a turkey.

Get Outside More

I’m cutting out my evening beers and focusing my attention on school, work and family. And my health. That, too. And one of the ways I like to ignore the temptation to drink a beer or two after dinner is to instead go outside and have fun. Which means more evening walks, apple picking, the pumpkin patch and playing in the leaves!

Workout More

A forever goal that I keep failing and keep trying. Hey, as long as I keep trying that’s more exercise than never trying at all. I want to work out 2-3 times a week, either yoga or my aerobics DVD. This doesn’t include my evening walks.

What are your goals for October?
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