Every year I set goals for myself, and every year my goals are the same. I’ve decided to dedicate my lifestyle blog to sharing my journey in hopes it will motivate and inspire me to keep going and actually accomplish those goals!

So here they are, my goals:

  • Go Vegetarian
  • Then Go Vegan
  • Stop Eating Out
  • Make Food From Scratch
  • Workout 3x a Week
  • Wake Up at 6 a.m.
  • Find a Personal Style I Can Jive With
  • Earn Full-time Income From Home
  • Buy a New Car
  • Grow Instagram to 10K Followers
  • Grow Twitter to 10K Followers
  • Get 20K Monthly Pageviews
  • Get All A’s in School
  • Pay Off Consumer Debt
  • Save Enough Money for a Down Payment
  • Pay Off Student Loan
  • Declutter Entire House
  • Live Green
  • Write a Memoir