I’ve always loved reading other people’s life stories, both fiction and non-fiction.

When I was kid, I spent hours reading novels and short stories. Then when I grew up I found that I much preferred non-fiction. I loved knowing that the stories I were reading were real, from people who had actually experiences them.

I didn’t just like reading them though, I enjoyed sharing my own stories. It’s one of the reasons I started blogging in the first place. Back in 2012 I started a blog called Young Mommy Memoirs where I talked about what it was like to be a young mom. Sharing my experience was important to me, and I believe in the importance of sharing your story, too.

The Importance of Sharing Your Story

Help Others

No matter who we are, we have allย been through terrible events in life, or survived awful moments. For some people it can be as ugly as an addiction; for others maybe their worst memory is bad hair day. But no matter how big or small a horrible memory is, there are people out there who have been through something similar.

When we share our stories, we help those people. We give them the assurance that they’re not alone. Sometimes we give them the hope and inspiration to keep going, to move past it and live their life. And if they’re still stuck in that situation, reading your story might help them get through it.


As humans we crave connection. We want to relate to other people in one way or another.

Sharing your story helps you connect with other people. It can bring you to common ground, connecting you through similarities, or even differences. We even begin to understand one another throughย the stories we share.

Leave Your Mark

Now more than ever, people want to leave their mark on the world. So many of us want to leave the world a better place than when we came into it.

Sometimes the best way to leave your mark is to share your story. Think of stories like The Diary of a Young Girl*, the very real diary from Anne Frank, a 13-year-old Jewish girl who spent two years locked away hiding from the Nazis. Her story, although tragic, has touched people for generations. And then there are stories like Eat Pray Love* that inspire us to live more adventurous lives.

Find Peace

And finally, sharing your story can help you find peace. When we write about our experiences, not only do we get to analyze it and learn from it, we also release it.

But reaping the benefits of sharing our stories only happens when we’re honest, when we don’t stop to worry what other people will think, or filter what actually happened. We need to share the honest, raw truth, something that so many people neglect to do.

Instead we’re surrounded by blogs, social media posts and magazines that seem to flaunt these unrealistic, polished lives, and I’m tired of it. Seeing all of these perfect people with their perfect jobs, success, families, houses and clothes leaves me feeling exhausted and worn, like I’ll never be good enough. And that is why it’s so important that we share our stories, our real stories, the unedited versions of ourselves.

Holl and Lane Magazine

I was thrilled to come across Holl and Lane magazine! A magazine with a focus “on all aspect’s of a woman’s life” that comes out every 2 months.

Reading the March issue, I realized this isn’t just any women’s magazine. While most magazines geared towards women leave me feeling ashamed of myself, Holl and Lane left me feeling exhilarated.

The entertainment section includes book reviews, as well as songs and movies about following your passion. I love that the theme is “passion” because those are my favourite kind of movies! They also have sections on style and beauty, interiors, business, food and fitness, DIY, life stories, family and travel.

Unlike so many magazines I’ve read, all of the product recommendations and style trends were realistic and affordable. All of the recipes, crafts and workouts were realistic, too, and I can actually see myself trying them (I even made one of the recipes for dinner!). Not to mention, the models look like real people! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

My favourite part of this magazine was near the end: Life Stories.

Although the business section was inspiring, I really enjoyed reading people’s personal stories of struggle and triumph, like a friendly reminder that we’re all dealing with our own thing, and that nothing is impossible.

If Holl and Lane sounds like the kind of women’s magazine you’ve been searching for, too, you can use the coupon code PeaceandChaos to save 15% until the end of March. To purchaseย issue 6 go here.


*This post was in collaboration with Holl and Lane. All opinions are my own! Some affiliate links in this post.



  1. So brave to share stories! People will always be negative and say it’s attention but you’re dead right, it’s letting you know you’re not alone!

    • Cole Nemeth Reply

      Exactly! I don’t understand why some people think it’s self absorbed or whatever. The truth is, we all love hearing stories and we should be able to tell our own. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi; that does sound like an amazing find. how do us men get one too? I mean the men’s magazines are just as full of the unrealistic as the women’s. I have been sharing my story for about two years now and couldn’t agree with you more on the value of doing so. And that doesn’t include the value of using your story to build a business brand. do you think hole and lane might review my upcoming healthy living/weight loss book I’m calling its not the cookie its the bag lessons i learned about losing weight and keeping it off while preparing to have gastric surgery. wonder when I will get my turn to share my story in one of your inspire interviews. hey if you don’t ask they can’t say yes or so my dad always told me. thanks for supporting such a worthy publication. take care, max

    • Cole Nemeth Reply

      Hey Max! I think you have an amazing story that should be shared. And I agree, a lot of men’s magazines are also unrealistic and there really isn’t anything out there that supports a more realistic view on life. Also, you never, right? It never hurts to reach out and ask!

  3. Yes, yes, yes! A thousand times yes! I’m a talker, sometimes in circles that turn into downward spirals but sometimes noticing that is what snaps me out of it. And I love hearing stories. Bang on about the connection.

    • Cole Nemeth Reply

      I’m a talker too! You know you and I can never shut up around one another, but as long as we listen, too, than it’s okay!

  4. Nice post! I totally agree with you that sharing your story not only helps in connecting with people but making a better society by influencing people and enriching their lives.

  5. i totally agree with you on this! i am currently working on my first story, which is based on my real life experience. not many people know that i actually lived this story and they always aks me “how the hell do you think of these characters, these plot lines?” it helps me to understand my story through treating it like fiction for a while.

    • Cole Nemeth Reply

      That’s a really great idea. I’ve been wanting to write a memoir of sorts, but at the same time I feel like a lot of people in my life who would be in my story won’t like it. I like the idea of writing it as fiction!

      It’s crazy how interesting real life can be. That’s awesome that you are writing your story, and finding a way to be able to write it without worrying.

  6. Sharing our stories is scary, but I’ve never regretted pressing “Publish” on some of most vulnerable posts. Is it the same for you? ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing, Cole!

    • Cole Nemeth Reply

      Sharing super vulnerable posts is so important, for the writer and the readers. It’s nice to hear that you are willing to share that side of you!

      It’s very scary! And I tend to overshare, or so I’m told, so I do question a lot of my posts and very rarely decide to not publish. But I always leave those in my drafts because I never know if I’ll change my mind!

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