I gave myself a pretty big list of goals last month. And to be honest, last month was a really strange one. I didn’t have the time or energy to do nearly as much as I wanted, but most of my goals from June are going to be carried through. A lot of them are lifestyle changes anyway.

Since I started my new blog over at SheMonster Media, I really want to switch the whole vibe of this one to more of an online diary style. I don’t care about page views on here anymore. I just want an online space to chill and hangout. I want it to be easy and fun again.

So instead of the regular goals and blog updates I just wanted to do a bit of a check-in this month. We’re now mid-2017 and a lot has happened!

June was a weird sort of month for me. For reasons I won’t get into, I’ve stopped taking my anti-anxiety medication. I didn’t want to, to be clear, and now I feel like I’m a little crazy but getting better. I’ve relied on this medication on and off for nearly a decade now, so without it I’m having to learn to cope with my anxiety in other ways. So far it hasn’t been the best.

But, all in all, June was a good month!

Nick, Sidney and I spent a lot of time at my aunt and uncle’s house swimming in their pool and just hanging out. Sidney can swim for hours and hours, and just loves it! And my cousin Katie and her boyfriend are two of our really good friends so it’s great to hang out with them. It’s been one of the best ways to try and relax this past little while and I’m grateful they invite us over all the time. Check out my Lazy Crazy Summer Days playlist for a chill collection of songs.

When I’m not lounging by their pool, I’ve been in my home office working full-time hours. Most of my time in here is for my summer co-op working as a social media manager for a national charity, but the rest of the time has been spent on blogging and growing my new business. I want SheMonster Media to become my full-time job by the time I graduate.

On top of all that, I went to the Toronto Zoo! It was a really nice day spent with Sidney and Katie and you can see a few pictures here.

Nick and I went to the Homer Watson House and Gallery to check out the annual Homer Watson exhibit while Sidney was there for a birthday party. It was amazing, of course. Nick is a huge fan of Homer Watson and used to work their as a student in high school. The exhibit is free to browse (you can drop in a donation if you please) and the gardens are a nice place to explore.

Sidney and I also went to the Mustang Drive-in with my mom and niece. We saw Despicable Me 3 and The Mummy. Both were alright, but not spectacular. Worth the trip though! Thursday nights only cost $20 for a carload.

I got a new phone and gave Sidney my old one. She’s 9-years-old and has an iPhone 5! But that’s the times I guess, considering she was one of the last kids in her class to get one. We also went and picked up a set of house keys for her and I’ve been teaching her how to be responsible for carrying a purse around. It seems young, but it’s worthwhile.

Finally, after trying to get my hair pastel purple, I killed it! I killed it real good. So I’ll be telling you guys a bit about that later this week but for now you can check out my new hairdo on Instagram.

Penelope on her stump like a little goat.

And that has been my month!

I have some exciting plans coming up in July including the Shag at the Dag Beard Competition in Toronto, a trip to the beach, visiting my BFF in London, Ont., and possibly going down to Montreal to visit my Grandpa. I’ll be sure to share these adventures online both here on my blog and on my Instagram account.

What did you do in June? Do you have any exciting plans for July?Lips Logo for Blog


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