I Killed My Hair so I Cut It Off

I’ve had long hair for a few years now, but I spent most of my youth with short hair. Like, really short hair. Like, I took a buzzer to it most of the time.

When I finally started growing it out I decided to dye it black. I loved having black hair. It felt natural. In some ways, I felt like I was meant to have black hair. After all, my dad had black hair and I look so much like him it seemed like a good fit. Truthfully, I’m a natural blonde (or I was as a kid). My hair is much darker now and I even have some grey hair.

After dying it black for a number of years my decision to go purple was pretty difficult. My sister was in school for hair styling and I was the perfect guinea pig for her. We went to work, having bleached it a couple of times, and then we made it purple! And it could have stayed a nice purple if I didn’t randomly decide to dye it bright red for a short while. Why I did that I’ll never know, because once the red faded I wanted to go back to purple and stay purple.

But the second time around didn’t go so well. The dye just wouldn’t stick. It faded after three washes, like completely.

I totally killed my hair! Like, it just wouldn’t do anything I wanted.

That’s when I messaged my sister, now a graduate with honours, that I was ready to chop it all off.

It’s summer, my hair is fried and I just want an easy hairstyle. I was ready to go back to my preferred short hair, at least for a while. Although she was hesitant to chop off that fried, yellow ponytail, she did. And then she cut and cut, as I kept instructing her to go shorter and shorter.

So now I have a very short pixie cut. It feels so nice to have barely any hair! My hair is naturally thick and quite heavy, which can be friggin’ hot in the summer.

I Killed My Hair so I Cut It Off

I Killed My Hair so I Cut It Off

I Killed My Hair so I Cut It Off

I’m thinking I’ll start dying it purple now, and stay purple.

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