No Need to Have it All Figured Out

No Need to Have it All Figured Out

I’ve never really found my…

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A Look Back at 2007
Mental Health

A Look Back at 2007

I’m writing this post because…

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I Killed My Hair so I Cut It Off

I’ve had long hair for…

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July 2017 Check-In

July 2017 Check-In

I gave myself a pretty…

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Visiting the Toronto Zoo!

Visiting the Toronto Zoo!

I finally took the kiddo…

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Visiting the Toronto Zoo!

I finally took the kiddo to the Toronto Zoo! She’s been asking me to go since last summer.

Back in grade 8 we went on a trip to Toronto where we got to do all the touristy Toronto things, and the zoo was one  of them! I don’t remember it much, except for riding a camel, so it was really fun to be able to go back and to bring my daughter along.

To be honest, seeing caged animals does make me kind of sad, obviously. I’m not a monster and I do think about these things. I like to remind myself that these animals are often endangered species, and are being helped. But mostly, I went because my daughter begged me to and my cousin and I were able to get in for free.

The only thing that was kind of a disappointment was the fact that most of the vendors were shut down. The Toronto zoo was under a strike and so most of the attractions were closed. No food vendors, no rides, no water park. We weren’t smart enough to bring any food into the park, so we had to wait until we left to eat because our cooler was in the car. Sidney got mad hangry, so that was fun.

But it was worth it! Because my little monkey had a good day! It was really cool to be able to see these animals up close. We’ve been to African Lion Safari a few times, since it’s close by, but at the zoo we could see them a lot closer, and not through a car window.

A lot of the animals were kept indoors, like the reptiles and fish and whatnot. This little froggy guy was one of my favourites!

Sidney was super stoked to see this guy, though! He was sleeping up against the glass, and we were able to get a good look at him. I love giant kitties!

There were a lot of aquariums, too. Some of these fish were huge! And ugly, like this guy.

Another favourite of mine were the bats! I love bats! They’re like flying kitties! It was hard to get a good picture of them since their enclosure was really dark and they were crawling and flying around everywhere. My camera wasn’t equipped for that. Actually, I hardly took any pictures! I was just enjoying the walk and the view and didn’t really think to pull my camera out very often.

I mean, we did have had a lot of fun! Although I was bummed the water park was closed, because it was pretty hot out and my feet had blisters on them from all the walking. I really just wanted to get my feet wet! On our way home we had to drop my cousin off and Sidney was able to jump in their pool for an hour, so she didn’t mind.

Will I be going back? Probably not any time soon. Even Sidney agreed that once was good enough. It was a good day, and we had fun, but we don’t need to rush back. Maybe it would have been better had the place been fully open. I dunno. Although, I mean, everyone should go to the zoo at least once in their life!

Next on Sid’s list: Ripley’s Aquarium!

Have you ever been to the zoo? What was your favourite attraction?
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Goals and Blog Update for June 2017

Goals and Blog Update June 2017

May was such a whirlwind! I started my summer co-op, got a casual event host job for the weekends, worked on the backyard and spent a lot of time outdoors.

Each month I like to set goals and share them on my blog. You can read my goals for May here.

Goals and Blog Update for June 2017

June Goals


Workout 3X a Week

I didn’t quite make my goal of working out 3X a week in May. So, I’m bringing this goal forward! It’s gorgeous outside and I have a ton of workout equipment at home. Therefore, I have zero excuses! Let’s get this done!

30 Days of Yoga Challenge

My goal is to actually do the 30 Days of Yoga Challenge on the YouTube channel, Yoga With Adriene.  Again, carrying this goal forward. I want to do yoga every day, I just need to stop coming up with excuses.

Miracle Morning

I read most of this book in May. I loved it and it totally inspired me to actually want to get up earlier! But, I’m struggling big time. I think if I just keep pushing myself I will get there eventually. And honestly, there are a lot of different things I can do to help myself get up earlier, so I’m going to implement them.

Fix Up the Backyard

We did a lot of work on our backyard in May. We cleaned up all the weeds, laid down some patio stones, put in a little garden, grew  new grass and cleared out a lot of garbage from the previous tenants.

This month I want to put up some lattice on our one chain-link fence, add some outdoors lights, clean up the BBQ, add a few potted plants and clear out the rest of the garbage! It’s going to look so cute by the end of June!

Cook From Scratch

I’ve been dong really well at not eating out as much. It helps that I’m working from home and barely leave my property unless it’s to run errands or visit people. But now that I’m feeling good about that, I want to take it a step further and start cooking more of our meals and snacks from scratch.

Lately we’ve had way too much junk food in our house and after a week of eating much healthier than normal, I’m inspired to cut back on the amount of processed food we eat and start making our meals from whole ingredients. I have a lot of recipe books I can use, and I want to start a couple of Pinterest boards just for gathering up recipe ideas.


Create More

I really wanted to spend more time in May creating artwork and what not. I did make a little rainbow skull paint series, available in my Etsy shop. Other than that, I didn’t do much creating. I worked a lot on my co-op and on my business SheMonster Media, which went live today!

But, with that said, I do want to create two zines this month. Hold me to it! And of course, I want to learn how to use my damn Silhouette Curio! Like, can someone come to my house and teach me?!

Create a Website Launch plan

My website is built! I have blog posts and social media posts scheduled for June. I have a product in the makes. Now, I need to create a launch! My website is actually going live tomorrow, June 1. That’s the “soft launch” I suppose, but after that part, I need to create a much bigger launch for my business.

I wanted to have this launch plan done by now, but I haven’t even started! There’s a lot of work to do, and I didn’t give myself enough time. Oh well!

To create this launch, I’m going to use the lessons and textbook from my PR campaigns class. I think it will really help.

Social Media Stats

My goal is to reach 10K followers on at least one social media account by the end of the year. For March I wanted to gain at least 100 new followers on each.

Here are my stats from January 1 until now:

  • Facebook – went from 1724 in March to 1697 in May to 1692 ... It just keeps shrinking. To be fair, I really don’t use Facebook like I should.
  • Instagram – from 1212 in March to 1256 in May to 1260
  • Twitter – from 1370 in March to 2479 in May to 2470
  • Pinterest – from 2345 in March to 2453 in May to 2466

I barely spent any time or effort on my social media accounts in May. I really slacked because of how busy I’ve been with other tasks. One day I’ll have to actually get to work on these things! I’m going over Pinfinite Growth again to finish it up and hopefully clean up my Pinterest account.

If anyone can point me in the direction of some great resources to help with my social media accounts, that would be awesome!

Rock My Co-op

I’m almost done my first month working for my summer co-op! It’s been a lot of fun and I’m learning a lot! Most of my time goes into making social media graphics, which is fun, but the rest of the time I do research and trying to see how I can help them with their social media accounts.

Fix Up Old Blog Posts

When I switched my blog over a couple of months ago a bunch of old blog posts got messed up. Links were no longer working and photos had to be replaced. There are still a few blog posts that need some work, so I’m hoping to have that all fixed by the end of this month.

What goals do you have for June? And how well did you do last month?Lips Logo for Blog