I created my first zine in 2015 called Punk and Pregnant, which is now available as a physical product. It seemed like the best way to share the intimate and fucked up thoughts I had during the year I was pregnant (which was exactly 10 years ago now). Since then I’ve created a few other zines but none have felt nearly as personal. Until now.

About Peace and Chaos

Peace and Chaos is my first zine series and focuses on my personal life. In the series I’ll share personal experiences and thoughts in a string of essays. The topics will include depression and anxiety, college, parenting, body image, feminism, health, career, relationships and whatever else is going on in my life at the time.

In this first issue I share a few milestones from last year such as moving into a townhouse, buying a car and joining bootcamp.

Fears Related to Releasing a Perzine

While I planned on launching it on January 1, and really could have, I was afraid to. I’ve always been really open and honest online, but my zines kind of feel like a much safer space. I tend to treat them like my own diary, or a personal letter to a friend; there’s no shame or need to hide who I am or how I feel and I can write freely without consequences.

But then, as I started to piece my essays together in InDesign, I got scared. Writing it was one thing, but putting it out into the world is another. Who will end up reading it? An old employer, or a potential future one? Someone from my past I’d rather not talk to ever again? A family member who might take things personally? Or what if the complete stranger who stumbles upon my work finds it offensive, lame or boring?

There are so many ways to interpret a story. And I started worrying about how some might interpret mine. But, as part of me really wants to learn how to stop caring about what other people think, I know it’s important to continue this creative endeavor.

Learning to Push Past Those Fears

You can’t let fear stop you from doing something.

Personal Essays Have Importance

This is my first attempt at creating a zine series. I love the idea of sharing a few short personal essays on my life because I know how much of an impact sharing true stories can have on others. Through personal essays we learn that we are not alone in our fears, our insecurities, our failures. We also learn to accept others and to be more tolerant of differences.

The Process Behind Peace and Chaos

So here it goes, the process behind creating Peace and Chaos, in case you might be wondering how one goes about making their own perzine. This is just the way I did this one. You can also read how I created Punk and Pregnant here.

Choose the Theme

I knew I wanted Peace and Chaos to be about my life, as it happens. Since I started making this blog more about being a creative entrepreneur and what that looks like, rather than just posting anything and everything about my life, I felt the need to have an outlet to rant and ramble. Thus, Peace and Chaos was transformed into a zine.

For this first issue I chose to write about the big events that happened last year. From then on, I will release a new zine quarterly with up-to-date info.

Select Key Stories

After deciding on my theme, I wrote down a list of key stories I wanted to share. Last year was a very exciting one and I had a lot of big moments to write about, which made it really easy: bought a car, moved, started a new job, went back to school, etc.

Write Freely

Then I wrote them in a Word Doc. Writing can be a difficult process all on its own, but I wanted this to be a fun project so I convinced myself to just write it all down freely. I decided I wouldn’t worry about how perfect it was.

Edit Essays and Place in Order

Once my stories were written, I went back and did some minor editing. Then I decided what order to put them in, since a lot of these moments overlapped in life.

Copy and Paste into InDesign

I finally decided to go ahead and get myself Adobe Creative Suite and it was the best thing I ever did for my business, so far. Using InDesign to layout and print my zine made it so much easier and much more enjoyable. It took a lot of the hassle out of it for sure.

Choose Images and Place

After I placed my essays, I browsed my computer for photos and drawings from last year that would work well. Then I placed them around my essays.


And finally, I printed it. AND OMG I love InDesign. Selecting their “print booklet” option made it so much easier and my zine just flew out of the printer, ready to be folded and stapled just like that.


So there you have it, why I wanted to write Peace and Chaos, the fears that held me back and the process of making it. I hope you will check it out, along with my other products in my Etsy shop! All support in any way is so very much appreciated!

Have you ever made a perzine? Did you find it hard to release it once it was done? Why or why not?

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P.S. – I found a cheaper way to ship my zines and have lowered the shipping costs on them!



  1. Never heard of a perzine, so thank you for explaining what it is and the process of making one. Good luck with it.

  2. I am so on board with your entire philosophy–it’s the same one that fueled my desire to start a blog where I share intensely personal stories. I was afraid of the people I knew reading them, but was motivated by the idea of the right story finding the right person at the right time and establishing a genuine connection that helped them through a difficult time. Good for you – can’t wait to read!

    • cole.n@hotmail.ca Reply

      Yesss! Writing for a blog and a perzine is very similar. But I agree with what motivates you! It motivates me, too! Thanks!

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