Shag at the Dag Beard Competition

You’ve probably seen a few photos from our weekend if you follow me on Instagram and saw my story from Saturday, July 22. I took them in Toronto because Nick and I went to our third beard competition on Saturday.

What is it?

Shag at the Dag Beard Competition

Shag at the Dag is a beard competition hosted by the Toronto Facial Club. This was their third one.

Beard competitions is exactly what it sounds like. Men, and women, compete in various facial hair categories. For women, the category is called Whiskerina, and they create their own beards using whatever material they want. I haven’t entered one yet, but I think I will the next time!

Nick always competes in full, long beard, but the other categories typically include mustache, partial beard, full beard and styled beard. There can be any number of categories though.

Where Was it?

Shag at the Dag Beard Competition

Shag at the Dag took place at the Cloak and Dagger on College Street in Toronto. This was their second time there. They had one competition at Sneaky Dee’s across the street.

What Was So Cool About It?

Beard competition’s are always a blast!

It’s basically just one big party with the friendliest, most welcoming people you will ever meet!

Each time we go we meet more people, and then we get to look forward to seeing them again at the next competition. This time, especially, since we met A LOT of people in Barrie at Nuckfest. It’s great to make friends from all over the world and stay connected, knowing you’ll see them again.

Since it was in Toronto I also made plans to see my cousin Alissa and one of my besties Sarah. Alissa came earlier in the day. She caught most of the competition, we grabbed chickpea burgers from up the road, and hung out with Nick and his friends. Then Sarah joined us later when she finished work. We walked Alissa back to her car and grabbed nachos from Sneaky Dee’s!

I love being able to see my friends, especially the ones who move away.

How Did Nick Do?

Nick has been to three beard competitions, but only competed in two.

His first competition was Beards of Steel in Hamilton last November. He won second place for full beard!

Then, he entered Nuckfest in Barrie earlier this year. He didn’t place. Nuckfest was the largest beard competition out of the three and a total shitshow! Totally fun, a bit dramatic, and just nuts.

Shag at the Dag Beard Competition

So, this time Nick went and entered. He had high hopes, since it was a smaller event again. As we sat outside on the deck in the rain, waiting for Nick to finally go up, it got to the point when our friends and the two of us realized he never got called up. Apparently when Nick signed in they forgot to list his name on the contest sheet! And it was too late for him to go up.

I was totally bummed, so my friend Sarah and I left to go grab nachos while Nick worked it out with his buddies. In our absence, Nick was called up to the stage where he was given a heartfelt apology and a special gift pack, which was pretty cool.

Still, a bit disappointing, but beard competitions really aren’t about winning. They’re about bringing together a bunch of cool people, hanging out and making friends.

Check out the Northern Beard Company on Instagram for more photos from the event!

The Challenges We Faced

Shag at the Dag Beard Competition

I had to include this part, because, damn, while it was a fun and exciting day in Toronto, we had a few hiccups along the way.

First, there was a mix-up when Nick signed in and didn’t get to go up. Total bummer! But they apologized and he was gifted some pretty cool stuff.

Then, Sarah and I left to grab nachos without realizing Nick had put his phone and other belongings in my backpack. All he had on him was cash. So when the competition was over and he wanted to meet up with us at Sneaky Dee’s he couldn’t get a hold of us. And he couldn’t get in without his ID.

When Sarah and I realized I had his phone we went back to the Cloak and Dagger to find him, except everyone was gone! After messaging a few people from the competition we decided to go back to Sarah’s place while we waited to hear back. Luckily we found Nick waiting by the car! But again, total bummer, because he had been there for an hour!

And, finally, on our way home after dropping Sarah off our car tire totally blew. It was shredded! And then, we couldn’t get the damn thing off to change it. It was rusted right on. It took us about 40 minutes on the side of the highway, halfway home, to get the donut on.

Ok, this is small, but my sandal also broke.

And even though that all happened, we still had a blast!

What’s something fun you’ve done recently? And have you ever attended a beard competition? Aren’t they the best parties?Lips Logo for Blog



  1. Wow, this had to be fun. I have never heard about such events in my area but I’d be glad to attend if there was one set here.

    • Reply

      Beard competitions are a lot of fun! They’re kind of hard to hear about unless you’re involved in the community. Google helps, too!

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