Summer Days Drifted Away

Summer vacation is over. We’re back in school now and preparing for fall. I guess it’s not all bad, because I love autumn and the upcoming holidays, but I’m so bummed that I spent the last month of summer completely depressed and didn’t do as much fun summery stuff as I had hoped to do from my summer bucket list.

But, it was still a fun summer, and I shouldn’t complain.

Our last big hoorah of the summer was our four-day camping trip with my mom and niece! Nick stayed home to work because he’s lame 😉

We went to Blue Water Lakes Campground which is my favourite place in the world! I try to go there at least once every year; twice if I’m lucky. The water is cold, but clean. The park is surrounded by nature, but maintained. There are rules in place, but they’re not strict. It’s the perfect place to camp.

Of course, the week we went it rained and stormed, and then the sun would come out just long enough to trick you into thinking it was there to stay. We’re fortunate that each night was warm with clear skies, so we could gaze at the stars and enjoy snacks over roaring campfires.

And then it was time to go back to school.

I usually love going to school and look forward to it each year. I love the cool weather, shopping for school supplies, and walking into those crowded hallways that promise new beginnings. But my lingering depression and this unbearably hot September have left me feeling anxious and annoyed. I’m still not in the school spirit and it’s been a month.

Summer doesn’t feel complete. It feels like it shouldn’t be over. Not yet, because there’s still so much I want to do. Maybe these feelings are because I spent so much of my summer working full-time and juggling freelance assignments on the side, or maybe it was my late summer depression. Either way, I’m not ready for fall, even though it’s already here.

And this hot weather has me feeling like I should be outside, on the beach, away from campus and homework and lectures. And readings. Ugh, all the readings!

So here’s a sad, sad goodbye to those summer days that drifted away, too soon and already forgotten.

And a few photos to remind me of these last couple weeks and the joy I experienced, despite my sadness.

Summer Days Drifted Away

Summer Days Drifted Away

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      Same! I wish I could just alternate between the two and skip winter/spring.

    • Reply

      I wish! It just keeps getting colder and darker every day now lol!

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      Some people really do prefer the coldest months, and to be honest, I do love some things about winter! I just wish it only lasted like one month so I can go skating and tobogganing and then be done with it. And thank you!

  1. Summer might be my absolute favorite. Though, to be fair, I live in Southern California, and the rest of the seasons aren’t much different from summer here, if I’m honest. But I just love the attitude of summer – the freedom and adventure. I also love the holiday season for its generosity of spirit. Oh, heck, I love it all for different reasons. 🙂
    Tanya @ Intimate Explorations recently posted…Love Notes: Emera & Marcus – Married 30 YearsMy Profile

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      Ha ha! That’s good! I do love winter holidays and skating and playing in the snow, but then once New Year’s is done, I just want winter to go away. My husband’s dream is to live in California!

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      Thank you! We had an abnormally warm autumn this year, and it’s just gotten colder now at the beginning of November.

  2. What a lovely way to end the summer. I’m definitely not a winter person – I love the heat and the sunshine. Not looking forward to the cold setting in…I want my flip flops back!!!
    Emma recently posted…Wine Tasting in Rioja, SpainMy Profile

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      I totally know the feeling! I love summer so much!

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      So true. It’s already dark by 6 p.m. now that it’s November and the time has gone back. So dark, so early…

  3. It sounded like a fab summer and loved your photos! I’m looking forward to summer here at the bottom of the world now!

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