My Thai Cambridge Is My New Obsession

My friend Sarah came down for a visit over the weekend. I love that I was able to visit with her two weekends in a row, since she lives in Toronto, an hour away.

She switched to a vegetarian diet and likes exploring vegan recipes and restaurants, and since I’m currently on a year-long, well planned out vegan transition, we were excited to eat all the vegan things!

Living here in Cambridge, Ont. doesn’t offer a lot of options for vegans, or even vegetarians. Unless you want to eat veggie burgers and fries any time you go out, you’re pretty limited. But, there is a restaurant just up the street from me (and across from the new Gaslight District, which I’m very excited about) that offers a separate vegan menu!

My-Thai Cambridge offers a pretty awesome selection for vegans! There were enough options that Sarah and I couldn’t decide on just one meal, and opted to split each of ours.

When we arrived to My-Thai Cambridge there were only two other groups of people there, leaving us open to select our own table. We chose a small table for two against the far wall, so we could enjoy the view of the restaurant, as well as the street. The restaurant has large windows, allowing lots of sunlight in that compliment the dark wood tables and floorboards. There’s a rustic feel that’s both comfortable and pretty to look at.

And while the atmosphere of a restaurant is a really important factor, we were there for the food!

Our server had our drinks on our table before we could even agree on which meals to share. Sarah treated herself to sangria, and I chose to try the Thailand beer, Singha. I like beer. I like beer a lot. But I’m not so into the bold flavours that most enjoy. I’m a basic bitch and I want a basic beer. Singha was light and tasty and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Before we even arrived I already knew I wanted the fresh spring rolls as an appetizer. It was sooo good, although Sarah hates cilantro and gave her second one to me (mwahaha). Eventually we chose the vegan pad Thai and sweet and sour tofu dish with a side dish of rice. Sarah and I are no strangers to sharing food, and I was happy to be able to try two meals rather than just one. I actually checked out the menu online in advance and knew exactly what I wanted! Otherwise we’d have been sitting there salivating over the menu forever.

The price was fairly moderate, considering we had drinks and an appetizer, and had to take half our meal home! I ate the rest of the pad Thai later that night!

I can’t wait to go back to try the sweet soy noodles!

Do you enjoy Thai food? And if so, what’s your favourite dish?

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      I’m still dreaming about the day I can go get some more!

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    Me, too! Most Thai restaurants offer a large selection!

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