Things I Love About Autumn

Autumn is my favourite season! There are so many things I love about autumn that it makes my chest swell with excitement!

I loved autumn ever since I was a little kid. I loved watching the first few leaves fall until the trees were bare. It meant so much of my favourite things were about to happen, from returning to school to indulging in Halloween fun! There’s not much about fall that I don’t like (like giant autumn spiders).

So here we go, a list of things I love about autumn.

The Colours

I live in Ontario, where we’re so lucky to experience four seasons. Each September the leaves begin to change, and by October they’re a rainbow of warm reds, oranges and yellows!

Nature is bursting with colour, and not just the leaves, but also autumn crops like corn, apples and pumpkins!

But nature isn’t the only reason I love the colours in autumn. I also love the darker colours that appear in autumn fashion: dark reds, purples and navy blue, burgundy and army green, dark blacks and lots of leopard print! This is my favourite time of year to go shopping!

Things I Love About Autumn

The Scents

There are a lot of tasty scents in autumn, from pumpkin pies to dark roast coffee, and scented candles that give off cozy aromas of vanilla and cinnamon.

I even love the smell of the earth as it settles in for its long winter nap. Leaves and plants are dying, and the morning dew helps it rot, which gives off that earthy smell. That smell always brings back fond memories of autumns past.

Hot Drinks

Coffee and I have been having a love affair since I was 15, when my friends and I would go to Tim Hortons on our lunch break at school. I love coffee, as well as tea and hot chocolate, but I can’t stand drinking hot drinks in the summer when I’m already a sweaty mess.

Once autumn arrives, and the weather cools off, I look forward to switching from iced coffees to hot drinks.

Nature Activities

Things I Love About Autumn

Summer is a lot of fun because of all the different things you can do outside, like swimming and camping! But I can’t take the heat and the sun gives me a headache. When autumn arrives, I look forward to spending more time outside in nature.

I like going on autumn nature walks, where I can enjoy the colours and smells even more. I like going apple picking, and hanging out at the pumpkin patch. I look forward to corn mazes, foraging in the woods, and playing at the park with Sidney and Penelope.

Comfort Food

Now that I’m not sweaty hot all the time, I can actually use my oven.

Autumn means cooking things like lasagna, shepherds pie, muffins and other baked goods, as well as all kinds of casseroles. Comfort food isn’t just made in the oven though, because we also like making stews, chili and home-made soups!

Fall Clothes

Things I Love About Autumn

I already mentioned how much I love fall fashion colours, but I really, really love wearing big comfy sweaters with skinny jeans and my trusty Doc Marten boots. It’s like my fall uniform and I wear it almost every day. This year I also bought a faux leather jacket and am on the hunt for a denim jacket. And I get to drag out all of my fun scarves and mittens!

Basically, I like wearing lots of layers so I feel like I’m walking around in a big, comfy bed of pillows and blankets.

TV Shows

Some of my favourite TV shows come out in autumn. All the spooky goodness arrives and I can’t wait to see what happens!

So far this year I’m really enjoying the new American Horror Story! It’s really different but interesting. I’m also looking forward to the new Walking Dead and Stranger Things! Just a few more weeks to go!

Horror Movies

I’ve been a fan of horror movies ever since I was a little kid and my grandma would let us watch them at her house. I was terrified of E.T. but loved watching movies like Day of the Dead* and A Nightmare on Elm Street*.

As I got older my love for horror movies grew and I became obsessed. I sought out B-rated horror movies a lot as a teenager and was that dorky weirdo who would quote movies nobody else saw. Now that I’m older I still like horror movies, but less for the gore and more for the comedy or drama.

Once October hits a lot of scary movies are added to Netflix, come out in theatres and are aired on cable. I take this time to watch some of my favourites and enjoy new movies I haven’t yet seen. I’m still dying to see the new IT!

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Thanksgiving (Canada)

Things I Love About Autumn

I love any holiday that involves food, which, let’s be honest, is every holiday.

Thanksgiving, though, is basically just an excuse to pig out for a weekend. Believe me, I know the real story behind Thanksgiving, and whatnot, so it’s not like I just see it as a reason to eat. I’m just saying, in my family, we celebrate with a lot of food.

This is the first year where I won’t be making/eating a turkey, as I’m exploring a vegetarian diet. We’ll be having tofurkey instead.


And of course, one of the best things about autumn, Halloween!

Halloween is definitely one of the best holidays of the year! Everything leading up to it, from haunted houses and horror movie marathons, has been running around like an excited child.

I still dress up every year, although my costumes aren’t as creative as they used to be. Having a child means I get to go trick-or-treating still, and even though I’m not the one at the door saying “trick-or-treat!” I get to pig out on all of the different chocolates and chips that Sidney doesn’t like.

Halloween is also my daughter’s birthday. When I found out my due date was early November I hoped so badly she’d be born on Halloween because I thought it would be the coolest birthday ever! I went into labour early Oct. 30, crossing my fingers to hold out through Devil’s Night. I made it through intense contractions and unbearable pain watching horror movies on the TV in my hospital room, and then Sidney was born at 5:22 Halloween morning.

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