Thrift Store Style - Welcome Autumn

Thrift store shopping is my thing. Every one of my friends knows it, and now you do, too!

I’ve been obsessed with shopping at thrift stores since I was a young kid. My great aunt has worked for the same thrift store my entire life, and we used to go there almost every weekend to visit her and get free stuff. Now that I’m an adult, I still see her there regularly, but I don’t get anything for free. The store she works at is one of my favourites though!

When I was a kid I had no problem bragging about my thrift store finds, even though it embarrassed my older sister. As I got older, I not only continued to shop at thrift stores but they quickly became the only stores I shopped at. Part of me does it for the insanely cheap prices, but I also do it for environmental and ethical reasons.

While I always toyed with the idea of posting more about fashion on my blog, I had a difficult time trying to figure out the best way to go about it. I’m in no way stylish, but it’s something I want to get into. I even wrote about it a few months ago. And, having discovered so many beautiful plus-sized babes online, I’m slowly finding the confidence to wear whatever I want as a bigger lady.

I’m hoping these posts will inspire more people to venture into thrift shops and discover the many wonderful items available!

So here we go, a new series!

Thrift Store Style – Welcome Autumn

 Thrift Store Style - Welcome Autumn

A few years ago all of my clothes were black, navy blue or dark purple. I hid behind dark colours, behind dark hair and dark makeup. I didn’t want to be noticed. I didn’t want people to look at me. But I made an effort to start wearing more colours, and as you can see, this outfit is really bright! As is my hair 😉

The Shirt

 Thrift Store Style - Welcome Autumn

I started shopping for fall at the beginning of August, as I realized most my of warmer clothes are pretty worn out. What can I say, I’m a maniac! Also, most of my sweaters I’ve accumulated over the years, and are getting really old. I don’t shop for myself enough, or at least, I haven’t in a while.

I found this yellow shirt at Plato’s Closet. Plato’s Closet is a franchise that buys and sells gently used clothes and accessories. Although not technically the same as a thrift store, their items are previously owned and that’s good enough for me.

The nice thing about shopping at a store like Plato’s Closet is that they’re very particular about which items they’ll accept, which means you know they only have quality items that are in style, if that’s your thing. They’re also fairly inexpensive, sometimes even cheaper than Value Village.

I found this mustard yellow top for sale a few weeks ago and stashed it away in my closet until the weather cooled off. It’s originally from Old Navy and I paid $6 for it.

The Jeans

 Thrift Store Style - Welcome Autumn

(Excuse my awkward pose. We’re mid-move and my tripods are at the other house. Also, I don’t know how to photograph myself! I also just learned that my Sony a5000 allows you to use your smart phone as a remote control, which is why I’m holding my phone in most of these pictures.)

Shopping second hand as a plus-size lady can be pretty difficult. Most bigger sizes are so not my style! Weirdly enough, clothes from Old Navy always fit me really well, and that happens to be the original store these jeans came from. They hug all my curves in all the right places, and while I don’t like shopping at Old Navy (or other big retailers), I will buy their clothes at thrift stores.

I bought these jeans from Value Village for $10 and they still had the original tags on them, so you know they weren’t even worn!

I don’t normally wear light coloured jeans because I’m scared I’ll stain them or that they make me look fatter, but I liked these ones. I also like the rips in them. And I didn’t even rip them myself! Well, I mean, I made the rips worse, but they were intentional.

The Accessories

 Thrift Store Style - Welcome Autumn

I don’t really wear accessories very often. I find them annoying at times, and I don’t really know how to select jewellery that matches my outfit.

I’m not as fashionable as I’d like to be.

But anyway, I got this cute little skull ring from my sister. She just gave it to me one day because she knows I like skulls!

The necklace is one I pieced together. The amethyst crystal was bought at a craft store, and the chain was bought in bulk from an Etsy seller years ago.

Finally, my emerald ear plugs were purchased on eBay forever ago, so I can’t even tell you who the seller was either!

The Outfit

 Thrift Store Style - Welcome Autumn

I literally have no sense of style! I used to joke to my mom that she should enter me on What Not to Wear once I became an adult so I could succeed in the real world of grownups as a put-together individual.

Well, the show doesn’t exist any more, and I live in Canada anyway. Some dreams just die…

But I’m actually totally digging this outfit! It’s bright and colourful! And yet it’s still simple and comfortable.

  • Yellow Long Sleeve Knit – Tag: Old Navy, Store: Plato’s Closet, Price: $6
  • Denim Jeans – Tag: Old Navy, Store: Value Village, Price: $10
  • Skull Ring – gifted
  • Amethyst Necklace – Store: handmade, Price: estimated $5
  • Emerald Earrings – Store: eBay, Price: $3
  • Total Outfit: $24 +tax

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  1. Yellow is such a bright and optimistic color, I was in love with this color and used to wear it a lot several years ago. Now I’m much on pink, purple and light green, although I’m thinking to come back to my former (Yellow) love. I see you look so good in those jeans and Yellow Long Sleeve Knit that I ‘d like to try that look myself.
    I am not good at keeping up with the latest fashion style and to be completely honest I don’t even want. I think people should take care more of their spiritual life rather than being fashionable.
    Perla Jacobs recently posted…Mr. Morgan’s Last love (movie review)My Profile

    • Reply

      I love the colour yellow, too! I am so not up to date with fashion, and never have been! It’s just not worth my time, and I’m just not interested in it. I’m trying to have more fun with my own style though, so that’s been an interesting journey.

  2. I love the pop of yellow to transition into fall! I love finding cheap finds, and I love letting everyone know when I found a steal! Haha keep up the fun style series!

    • Reply

      Thank you! Yellow is one of my favourite colours, and it’s totally taken over my Instagram this autumn!

    • Reply

      Thank you so much! Thrift shopping is definitely a hit-or-miss adventure! But I love the thrill of the hunt!

  3. OOH, loving the yellow knit! You look amazing 🙂 That suits you so well 🙂

  4. SO perfect that you found all of these things at the thrift store! I absolutely love them for so many reasons. Usually I’m hunting for home decor, but just recently, I found a pair of designer riding boots for $10!

    • Reply

      Wow that’s amazing! I’m always on the hunt for anything and everything! My thrift addiction has gotten a little nuts these last few weeks to be honest, so I’m going to try and stay away from them until the new year!

  5. I use to work in a thrift/consignment boutique you can really find some nice pieces for adorable prices.

    • Reply

      So true! I worked at a thrift store for a few months and basically spent all my money there haha.

  6. You found so many wonderful pieces. I love shopping accessories in thrift stores, you can find some hidden gems in there. (your necklace is really gorgeous)

    • Reply

      Thank you! Accessories are one of those things that you really have to dig for!

    • Reply

      I can never turn down a good deal! And thank you! US $ is worth a bit more, so like, $24 CAD is closer to $19 USD.

    • Reply

      Thank you so much! I’ve been trying to wear more colours and not just black all the time!

  7. You look awesome! I love the sweater! And it’s great that you succeeded in wearing bolder colors 🙂 I’m kind of going in the opposite way at the moment. I haven’t worn black for a long time but for the last months I had a job where I have to wear black + look trendy and it’s a real challenge. I didn’t even own anything black and so far have only stocked up on some basics (a T-Shirt, a Top and a shirt with long sleeves). Also my colleage gave me two pretty back dresses. Still I’m struggling to style it in a happy way which still feels like me. If you have any tips, I’m all ears 🙂
    AnyaSunita recently posted…re-publish: Problems = challenges = the start of something amazingMy Profile

    • Reply

      Thank you so much! That’s so funny that we’re doing the opposite right now! I guess when it comes to dressing in just one colour, or non-colour, lol, is to play around with different textures! Try adding like a fur vest, or pleather skirt, to break up the monotonous.

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