I swear I won’t just talk about veganism and vegan food for the rest of time. It’s just something I’m exploring right now and I’m very excited about it!

My friend Sarah came down over the weekend. We treated ourselves to vegan Thai food for dinner, but the next day we made lunch at home. Sarah is a vegetarian and I’m currently transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, so when Sarah asked me if I wanted to do a homemade vegetarian lunch before she went home I was totally down to try this tempeh.

This particular package of tempeh is called Smoky Maple Veggie Bacon, and it is a thing of vegan dreams!

What is Tempeh?

Tempeh, similar but very different from tofu, is made from soybeans. It’s cooked and fermented into a firm patty and can be flavoured and eaten in a variety of ways.

How We Enjoyed It

While there’s a lot of ways you can eat this, we decided to eat it on giant buns with veggies piled high and a side of smiley fries because, why the heck not? Adults eat smiley fries, too!

We sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and avocado, and tore some romaine lettuce to make our tempeh sandwiches super delicious and nutritious. We also treated ourselves to Nick’s Veganaise, which added a nice, creamy condiment to our dish.

And, like with many meals, I made a pot of green tea to sip on after our meal.

Final Thoughts On Tofurkey Tempeh?

Tofurkey Tempeh Makes Good Sandwiches Great

I give it two thumbs up! A five-star rating! 10/10! I’d eat this again and again, and probably will!

My daughter, who normally doesn’t like a lot of vegan substitutes, loved it too, and ate more than I did.

Have you ever tried tempeh? What are your thoughts?

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