why you should sell digital products

I don’t know how many e-books, e-courses and other digital downloads I’ve paid for. Let’s just say it’s a lot.

The truth is, I enjoy purchasing digital products: it’s easier, it’s (mostly) cheaper, and it’s much faster.

But lately I’ve been wanting to sell digital products of my own, too.

It’s no secret that I’ve been working on an e-book (which is currently on hold but all it needs is a great cover page and a marketing plan). I’ve also been planning out an e-course, too. Not to mention, I have a few other ideas kicking around in my head to add to my Etsy shop, Cole Nemeth Art.

But why sell digital products? 

There are many reasons people sell digital products, but here are my reasons:

Share my Knowledge and Talent in a Quick and Efficient Way

This is the biggest and most important reason I want to sell digital products.

I don’t mean to sound cocky, like I’m a brilliant photography who’s work must be sent out into the world for all to see and enjoy, or that I’m a great guru with wisdom beyond my years, but I feel that everyone has something to offer to the world: their own experiences, their life stories, their creative souls – and that’s worth sharing, no matter who we are.

By making your work available for digital download it just makes it that much easier and faster for those who do want to purchase something you’ve created. In a few quick clicks they can have it almost instantly. For example, if I were to create a paper-back book and only offer it that way the customer would have to wait for it to be packaged and shipped, and that could limit the number of people who are able to enjoy it.

Selling digital products is just a quicker and more efficient way to share your knowledge and talent with the world.

Of course, there’s the obvious reason, too.

Make Money

Not so long ago many artists, writers and other creative people were looked down upon if they admitted they wanted to make money at their craft. Face it, many still are. But if someone creates something of value (and value has different meaning to everyone) they deserve to profit off of it. I, too, would like to profit off of my passions. This would make my life much easier and happier as I could continue to spend time doing what I love with the people I love. It would be a win-win situation.

However, I’m a penny-pincher myself (by necessity), I understand the value of a dollar. Therefore I would like to be able to offer my customers a good deal.

Save the Customer Money

When something is available in digital form it cuts a lot of costs for the seller, which in turn saves their customers money.

If I make a photograph available to purchase as a digital download I don’t have to pay to have it printed, I don’t have to use one of my protective sleeves, a printed business card, a mailer or pay for shipping. This saves me money, and therefore I can now offer my original photographs for much cheaper.

It Saves Time

Not only will the buyer receive their newly purchased product almost instantly, but it saves the seller a lot of time, too, allowing them more time to create and work on other projects, which also helps the seller cut costs because they don’t have to spend as much time on an item.

We live in an amazing time where it is possible for entrepreneurs and customers to connect and benefit one another.

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  1. I am having the best time getting to know everyone on the blog tour! And I love seeing that your reasons for wanting to create digital products are so similar to mine. I have also written the book and created the content but Im currently stuck at how to pack it and get it into the hands of those who need it. Good thing we have April to show us the way!

    • Cole Nemeth Reply

      Yes, good thing! I’m also trying to work out a launch/marketing plan. Good luck on your ebook!

  2. Love your reasons for why you want to sell digital products. I think many people can relate. I hope I can help push you over the edge to making it happen for your own business.

    Thank you so very much for joining the blog tour and helping me spread the word about my course!

  3. It sounds like the class is perfectly timed for you! Just what you needed and just on time! A completed book already? Awesome! I love how the world always seems to provide what you need, when you need it! Can’t wait to see everyone’s digital products moving forward!

    • Cole Nemeth Reply

      I agree, it’s pretty amazing! I, too, look forward to seeing everyone’s digital products moving forward.

  4. I think you are absolutely right about everyone having something of value to share. And I agree that being able to connect directly with those people who like your specific product is pretty amazing. Now we just have to make it happen!

  5. Sarah Shotts Reply

    I love digital products too! It’s funny how we can value someone else’s products, but can have so much trouble charging for our own. Can’t wait to hear all of April’s tips in November. 🙂

    • Cole Nemeth Reply

      I know exactly what you mean 🙂 I look forward to April’s tips as well!

  6. These are all great points! I really like how you zero in on way it benefits clients/customers not just sellers. That can help a lot in marketing! It sounds like you are well on your way to creating some amazing digital products and growing your biz! Wishing you every success!

    • Cole Nemeth Reply

      Thanks! I just figure customers are the only reason a business exists, so it’s important to think of how you can benefit them 🙂

  7. I love the way you’ve cut to the chase on selling digital products and share your reasons wholeheartedly! Good luck!

  8. I have a very similar e-book in my head right now, just waiting for me to be ready to take the plunge and offer it. Here’s hoping that April’s course helps us jump off that ledge 😉


  9. That’s fantastic that you’ve already got products created and planned…what a perfect headstart!!! Once you combine it with whatever you learn from this class, you’ll be set to kick some butt!!!

    And TOTALLY random question, but I noticed stretched ears in your photo, and I’m in the process of doing that myself…just trying to decide how far I want to go (I have a feeling I’ll “know” when I see it on me, lol)…what gauge are you at?

    • Cole Nemeth Reply

      Thanks! I’m hoping to kick some butt!

      My ears are at 1″. 1″ used to seem huge back in the day, but now that more and more people are going up to 2″ and up, 1″ feels like a comfortable size.

  10. I know what you mean about people looking down on you if you mention that you want to make money. I’m not sure where this came from, and I hate it! Every other professiona can talk about money, but as soon as a creative does, people scoff! that’s not fair. It’s changed a bit recently I think, but it’s still not equal, and I still feel awkward about the subject myself. I agree that when someone creates something of value they deserve to profit off of it. I can’t wait for this class. Hopefully we will feel more comfortable about it then.

    • Cole Nemeth Reply

      I hate it, too! And I do think it’s getting better, too. So that’s a good thing! I can hardly wait myself, I’m very excited! I hope it helps all of us 🙂

  11. Sensible, straightforward reasons! And there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to make money…creatives need to eat and pay bills just as everyone else does. – Fawn

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